Carla's Friends

Connie, Monica, Karen, Me - (Carla), & Kim
 Summer 2010

Friends for 38 years!!! Yes we are still young at 42!
Read below for a short version of our story.

Young girlsI have been really fortunate to have such good friends
and for a really long time!

 I went to grade school - kindergarten to grade 8 in Ontario,
 Canada from 1974 to 1983.

There I met 4 friends, Kim, Monica, Kelly & Karen.
Pictured here at my 6th Birthday in 1975,
me being the one infront of the cake!

  Darn - missed our chance to be on Oprah. Friends for 37 years
is a great show topic.  Ellen, you reading this?!

friendsWe went to Medway Highschool from 1983 to 1988. Wow, too many years to think about since we’ve graduated!

  We remained the best of friends there. Our highschool years were amazing. We had so much fun and so many party's.

 Of course we made lots of new friends in highschool, like Connie, who have remained our great friends today.
Pictured in the most recent photo at the start of this page.

In 1987, we got to experience every teenagers dream.

 Spring Break in Florida!

A bus loaded with 17 & 18 year olds from our highschool
went down for a week of sun and fun.

What a blast! Yes parents be afraid, be very afraid,
"Spring Break" is everything it claims to be and more :)

Hey these events make for amazing memories - but do
 try to stay sober long enough to recall some of it.

Here we are with our BIG 80's hair!

We furthered our education's at various places. Karen, Connie and I went to the University of Windsor.

We all met our future husbands there. What a super school, an education, plus the bonus package HUSBAND!

 Monica, Kim, & Kelly attended other Universities.

In the summer of 1993, four of us got married. Connie, Kim, me, and Karen. It was a very BUSY, but fun year.
 I was a bridesmaid twice, maid of honor once and a BRIDE! What a Party!
Now, 18 years later we are all still happily married, what a rarity!

Kelly got married summer 1998. Monica summer of 1999. Also still married!

The Wedding pics below. Group photo in the middle, of us at my Wedding.
Myself and my 5 bridesmaids. The photos around are of me with each of them at their Weddings.

Carla & Karen

Carla & Karen

Carla & Kelly

Carla & Connie

Carla & Connie

Carla & Monica

Carla & Monica

Group Wedding

My Wedding

Carla & Kim

Carla & Kim

  We all live fairly close to each other, or least a days drive. Plus everyone has family still in this area,
 so coming "home" happens a few times a year. Making the trek to everyone's "new" city is great too.

 On the left is us at
 back in 1988.

Monica, Me (Carla),
Karen and Kim

And the same four,
20 years later, 2008.

I think we are aging well!

This is a photo from 1990.

Its an oldie but a goodie!
From left to right are,

 Connie, Carla, Kim, Karen, Monica and Lynn.

Now, everyone has kids (except me).
The kids enjoy hanging together.
OK, feeling old, as 4 are now in Highschool! 

We are proof friendship really
does last when you make an effort.

Give your friend(s) a
call / email  today!

 Stay in touch.

 A true, GOOD friend is rare,
and we all need them!


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