Paintings by Carla

I will paint anything and everything! I do have a degree in Visual Art from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Livingroom mural

Mural I did for our living room. Our pets incorporated into the mural

Jazmyn mural Boomer

Close up of our Shih Tzu Jazmyn of our Angel kitty Boomer

Iris Fern

Close up of Iris & Fern getting a butterfly

Wild Animal painting to use as stationary (don't move it!) shower curtain. It covers half a sliding glass door

Notice hand painted leopard toilet seat as well.

Cose up to the right


fish pond floor

Fish pond floor in the Wild Animal bathroom in our home. Our kitty Iris thinks the fish is real! :)


Panoramic Home Show Booth display


Close up of red eyed tree frog, iguana and parrots




Sleeping leopard in clients bathroom

Other wall of same bathroom



Randall Klien Design -

Furniture show room mural



Baker's Bar Sign

Sign for above bar

Family's name is obviously Baker!


Funky hand painted dresser, for our retro themed recroom

Painting inspired by Pucci fabrics

Funky 60's design dresser

More of my Artwork

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