Our Friends from the University of Windsor

University of Windsor, Ontario, CANADA what good times and great friends are all about. Obtaining an education along the way. Plus I even took home the extra bonus husband!

In the fall of 1988 I started at the University of Windsor. Mark started a year before me, we didn’t know each other before we met there, it was just a bonus that we were both from the same area back home. Both our first year we lived in the same sex residence. The girls was called Laurier, the guys Mac Hall. These were great residences for your 1st year.  34 people per floor, plus an R.A who was supposed to keep things under control. Our buildings had 10 floors. 2 people per room - a VERY small place, but most co-existing well. Being everyone's first time away from home it does get crazy! A lot of partying, but the odd book got read and most managed to pass enough to come back for more 2nd year. Photo of roommate Shelly & I in our little room. During our 1st week,  toga party!

Carla & Shelly

My roommate 1st year Shelly was from British Columbia, Canada. We are talking a long way from home, a good 7 hour flight. She was the best you could hope for in a roommate and as a result a great friend. The 2 of us were SO close people just combined our names and called us both Sharla. Shelly ended up not coming back to Windsor, the distance was hard. She finished her education in British Columbia. I did fly out there later to be her bridesmaid. She also flew to Ontario when I got married. Even though the distance keeps us apart from seeing each other, emailing & calls keeps us in touch.

My 2nd year, 1989 I lived in an apartment style co-ed residence. This is where I met Mark, he lived just down the hall with 3 great guys, Pete, Mike and Chris. Their room was party central, the first couple of weeks they had a wall painting party. Its the background for this page.

Mark and I met a lot of the same people here and its great to still be in contact with them. My roommates were Renee, Chris and Kim. Kim & I pictured here. 

Its been over 20 years since us 4 gals lived together. We  still have an annual summer get together, rotating at each others houses. We are all with in 2 hours of each other. Spouses and kids of course come as well. There are 10 kids.

Here's us gals
at our annual

summer reunion,

Chris, Renee, Carla & Kim


Carla & Mary
My 3rd year Mark and I lived in Tecumseh Hall again.
Mark had Mike and Pete still as roommates but Chris took
a year to do the travel thing so they had a replacement,
nothing to exciting. Chris and Renee had graduated so it
was Kim and I and 2 new comers. Cathy and
Once again I luck out with super people,
we had another amazing year. 

Mary and I are still really good friends.
Mary & Joe got married in Oct. 2002 in Holyoke MA.
Mark & I were very happy to make the trip there
and share in their special day, it was a lovely Wedding.

Through our stay at Windsor Mark was obtaining
a degree in Computer Science minoring in Geography
and I received a degree in Visual Art.

We made it through and got that piece of paper in the end.

Some photos below of  Mark & the guys since University.

Guys group shot at Wedding

OUR Wedding (1993) - Paul, Crazy Mike, Chris, Mark, Mike, and Pete

          guys at Petes

Pete's Wedding (1999) -  Pete, Mike, Crazy Mike, Paul, Scooter & Mark

Paul's Wedding (2006) - Pete, Crazy Mike, Paul, Mike, Mark

Mark and I were very fortunate to have had some of the best years of our life at the University of Windsor. Times and people we will never forget. Thanks for the memories gang, and I hope our tradition of making new ones continues.

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