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I'm named after a Greek Goddess!
Iris is the name for the
Goddess of the Rainbow.

She was a messenger, who traveled so fast,
 all was seen was a trail
of  her multi-coloured passage across the sky.

 The Iris flower was dedicated to the
 goddess because it blooms in all
the shades of the rainbow.

My full name is Iris Estarla Rose 

IrisI get called many variations of Iris.
Such as Ris, Rissa, Ris Ris, Rissy.

  I used to be more petite then Fern, and have a high meow,
   So I got the "pet name", Pip Squeak
which lead to Pip, Pippy & the current fav. Pippers!

I love my family. I'm treated extra special.

Hey when you're this cute,
you can get away with anything!

FLUFFY TAIL Fluffy Tailed Iris

Just so there's no wondering, why this site is called "Fluffy Tails"? I think these photos explain!

Iris & FernI'm now 14 years old. I was born on May 12th, 2001. 

Mom and Dad were fostering a pregnant kitty from an animal aid organization. She had 5 kittens. Unfortunately they couldn't all live here forever like me! Something about vet bills and not enough laps?

  That's my sister Fern with me. We are just 3 weeks old here.

iris, fern, jazmyn
 Since we were born here, we get along great with Jazmyn,
 the doggie that already lived here. She was 7 years old, when we were kittens.

Here's all 3 of us, we are a couple months old in this photo,
we all look about the same size.

Iris in tent Iris rolling

 I have fun in my orange tent, its great for playing, hiding or even snoozing.
I adore catnip, I'm rolling on my scratching pad after a little nip.

Iris in tube Iris in tube

My favourite toys are small balls, especially fluffy ones, or crinkle ones.
 I'll get into some pretty strange places just to get my crinkle ball!

Iris on wickerIris
            swingingHere I am doing some swinging on my kitty condo thing.

I also love to roll all over this wicker basket.

chair chair chair

These chairs were ugly but a lot of fun, but they got replaced with new ones, (not nearly as fun as these).

Iris faucet Iris fountain

Early on I mastered drinking from the faucet. But since the tap isn't always running,  we got a great gift that is!
The Drinkwell Fountain.  It's awesome, both Fern and I love it. 

Iris in box

I really love to talk.
I have a very sweet high pitched voice
and I usually have lots to say.
So sometimes it even sounds like I'm singing!

I amuse people by answering them.
I have great chats with Mom and Dad all the time.

Iris, Jaz & CarlaHere I am with Mom and Jazmyn. I'm so tiny, only 8 weeks old.

Carla, Iris & JazmynNow I take up lots of space on Mom's lap.

I don't think she minds.  She lets me rest for a really long time every night.

Jaz likes to be real close too.
 Sometimes I leave room for Jaz on Mom's lap.

 Fern never joins in our sofa time, she just lays on the floor near us - silly Fern. Mom's lap is much better then the floor!

Disco Ball
I'm strictly an indoor kitty. Unpleasant things can happen to kitty's outdoors. Cars, dogs, people, poisons, other cats and nasty critters could hurt me! So indoors is best for me. We do have kitty furriends who go outside and enjoy it. They just have to remember to be very careful and definitely come in at night!

With a fun house like ours, we've got plenty to keep us occupied!

What the heck, is this thing?!

iris in window girls in window

We have lots of window ledges
 to lounge on, like the two above.

 Plus two bay windows.

 Here I am in one. There's 3 bird feeders to see out this window.
 We call it our kitty TV. As there is always something to watch.
Birds, squirrels, bunnies, ducks, even a few neighbourhood cats stroll thru our yard.

plastic chewing plastic chewing shower curtain

Hello, my name is Iris and I have a problem! I'm addicted to chewing plastic!

plastic chewing

Apparently this is not good. I need a lot of help to stop.

In the above photos I'm chewing the bags Dad keeps his fantasy/art magazines in. Yes I'm very resourceful for my habit. The other photo is an example of my chewing and EATING the shower curtain. Oh ya, I'm bad!

Mom & Dad have caught on and promptly put away all store bags etc. You can see what happens when they set bread on the counter for just a minute!

Iris by

Lets see, have I covered

 Sad news - in 2010,
Jazmyn our Shih Tzu furriend
passed away, she was 16.5 years
old. We miss her lots.

But, it was time for more
puppy love
so in 2012, I got a new sister!   

Here is our new family
 member, Julip!
he loves giving me kisses!

Julip is a very nice
 doggie.  I actually enjoy
 having her around.
I even groom her.

Julip has her own webpage
 please visit her also
& say hello!

sleepy Iris
Goodness, this was a lot of work, I'm very sleepy now.

Hope you enjoyed my webpage. Just click here to email me.

Please put something relevant in the subject line like my name, Iris.
 With all the spam that goes around it might get mistakenly deleted otherwise. Thank-mew

Purrs & Fluffy Tail waves!

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