Hello, I'm Carla, welcome to my webpage.

Having a website is like 15 minutes of fame. It just happens to last 24 hours, 7 days a week, worldwide. You gotta love the internet!


Baby in 1969, Child of the 70's, Teen of the 80's,

University Grad of the 90's, Bride of the 90's,  fun woman in the 2000's

  My husband Mark and
 I go
t married in 1993.

We met at the University of Windsor in 1989.
We lived in the same University Residence.
It didn't take long for us to become an inseparable couple.

We are really enjoying our lives together.

fall leaveswedding

Mark and I have such a fun time together all the time.
But dressing up for dances, parties etc. is extra fun!

What you'll find on this website...

Our Pets


General Interest

A fun group was brought to our attention, No Kidding. There are chapters world wide. Click on the link to see if there is a group in your area. If not, seriously think about starting your own!  It's been awesome for us, a childfree - by choice, couple!  Over 6 years ago, we met 6 other couples from there and became our own group of friends. We all have a super time together, even travel together. Best is our conversations don't revolve around child raising, (childfree people will understand what a rarity this is!)  We love our friends with kids, but weekends where children are not the focus are certainly appreciated every now and then.   As a bonus, everyone has a cat(s) or dog(s)!  


Austin & Carla

Groovy site,

just smashing.

Yeah baby!

Thanks Austin!

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