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Welcome to my webpage!

Pretty kitten FernI'm FernI'm named after the young girl
in Charlotte's Web.
 Its Mom's favourite childhood book.
My full name is Fern  Emery  Maryn     

I also get called Ferners, Ferny the Bear, Fernie.

 There's always "pet names" too.
Currently I'm Ferny the Bear Butt.

Calista, Fern & Iris

Mom and Dad were fostering a pregnant kitty.

She had 5 kittens. My new parents saw me being born!
Here I am with Iris. We are 3 weeks old in this photo. 

I was chosen to stay here forever,
and it sure is a wonderful home!

I was born the day before Mother's Day,
 May 12th, 2001. 
So I'm currently 14 years old.
We are Mom's best present ever.

Pretty Fern
Life is great here.

We are treated pretty special.

Mom and Dad don't have any of those 2 legged kids.
So us furkids mean everything to them.

This means we can get away with anything!

Fern playing
My favourite toys are crinkle balls,
sponge balls, feather toys,

anything with catnip.

I also love trying to get this ball
 in this round thing.
 Its a golf ball so its heavy enough it goes
 fast and doesn't flip out easily.

Fern fetching

I can play fetch!  Mom will throw
my favourite little fluffy crinkle balls
Look here's a photo!

It really impress's her. My record retrieval
 rate is 7!  But usually after about 4 times
 I run back to mom without it.

Hey I can't do it every time,
that's too predictable.

fern bag

Hiding in bags and boxes are great ways
 to spend an afternoon.

I'm strictly an indoor kitty!
Since I've never been outside, I certainly
don't miss it. There's lots for me to do inside anyway.

Of course I'm spayed. Please spay and neuter!

There are way to many pets in desperate need of homes!

Fern in Bay windowWe have lots of window ledges to lounge on.
Including two bay windows.

Here I am in the dining room bay, chattering to
the birds above on the power line outside.
There is a bird feeder right outside this window and
the birdies hang out here all the time.

We can almost touch them, plus squirrels
and bunnies. It is a PURRFECT lounging area!


Fern's whiskers
I'm quite proud of my very long and some what wild whiskers!

I have a deep raspy meow, quite the contrast
 to Iris's high pitch voice.

 When I want to play, I give out lots of  "mer, mer" sounds.
 I can even do it with a ball in my mouth!

I also make sounds when I want to be petted.
 I'm an expert at demanding to be loved!

condo condo

We've had some fun times with these kitty condo things. Mom got them both at a yard sale for $5!
They get moved around the house so we stay interested in them.
 I'm getting Iris inside the square one. Gotcha Ris!


Fern on Mark's laplounging on Mark - DadI'll only lay on my Dad's lap. (Mom is
not impressed that I don't lay on her!)

Every  night I'm all over Dad.
 Hanging with him is a lot of fun.

Dad claims he gets no work
accomplished with us girls around.
 I say, loving us is the most
job he'll ever have!

Fern catnipI enjoy drooling on this cat scratching pad,
especially when it has fresh catnip on it!

  Iris is always using scratching posts around the house.
 I however prefer to use the furniture to sharpen my nails.

 We do get our nails cut the beginning of every month.
 You'd think I'd be used to it by now,
but I always howl and put up a fuss!

Fern drink from
              fountainfern drinking from fountainWe got this cool drinking fountain.
See how it's like a running faucet!
We think this Drinkwell
is the best design.

Other versions have the water
 flowing down a slide - well I
couldn't get my tongue around the water then!?
Like I do in this pic!

Fern lilacsWe've received emails suggesting Iris and I look like
 certain cat breeds. Such as the Maine Coon,
Norwegian Forest Cat or the Turkish Angora.

  We have no special breeding,
I'm just a natural beauty!
My kitty mom did NOT have a fluffy tail like Iris and I.
One of our 3 brothers has a fluffy tail like ours.
 We've never seen our Dad, so we aren't sure about him.

I'm picky about canned cat food. My fav. is Merrick's Ocean
Breeze flavour.  Be sure to watch the amounts of salmon though,
it has higher levels of magnesium which can cause urinary

Boomer, the kitty who lived here before me had FLUTD - Feline
Lower Urinary Tract Disease (or FUS). He had to spend 3 days in
the hospital. Kitties can even die from these problems, as they can
get blocked with crystals and are not be able to pee! It is very serious!
Learn more about it from
Boomers page.

Fern & Jaz

I had a great doggie sister named
 Jazmyn.  She lived 16 years,
 and we sure had some
 fun times together.

Jazmyn really liked playing,
especially with her butt up in the air!

Jazmyn playing
                        with Fern

In 2012 another doggie sister joined our family. Her name is Julip. She is a
 wonderful furriend, she lets me chase her! She really likes just watching me.

Julip has her own webpage with  great photosgo say hello!

Fern looking beautiful

Be sure to visit your local Humane Society / shelter
for a great kitty. There are so many waiting for you!

Interested in fostering a pregnant kitty,
like what happened with our kitty mom.

Find out more information on our
foster kittens page.

Fern sleepy

Ahhh, I'm getting sleepy.

 I think I covered everything I wanted to say.

To summarize, all you need to remember,
 I'm a fabulous cat!
 Check out 
What's New,
photos of Iris & I together
plus our other links below.

e-mail Fern

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