On Feb. 18th 2012 we met our new puppy and
brought her home - all on the same day!
She's pictured here on our 2 hour ride home.
 She's loving her new lamb chop toy here.
She was 9.5 weeks old that day. 

We have named her Julip!  

Many will recall we had a Shih Tzu, Jazmyn who we
 loved very much for 16 years.
We spent about 15 months without a doggie - it was time!

Julip is a wonderful, fun, energetic addition to our family.  She stole our hearts the second we saw her.
Of course she gets her own page on Fluffy Tails! 

Introducing Julip Luvina Jubilee

meaning of names:  Rosewater  Little Beloved One  Celebration

Hiya everyone! Hope you enjoy seeing
my life! I love my family and home.
I'm treated really special.
I have great toys and play lots of games.
 I get to visit exciting places with Mom & Dad!
Best of all there are 2 cats here! 
Here's Fern watching me play with what
 was HER toy, when I first arrived home.
Thanks for sharing Fern! 

This is Iris and I, sharing the big
 bed together,
 right at the start!

We have become
bestest furriends.


  I was the same size as the kitties
 when I first arrived.

Here I am at 4.5 months old. A little
bigger, but Iris loves me even more!

When I arrived home in Feb.
it was still winter.

 I had a lot of fun playing in the
snow. Especially getting my nose
right IN, for some great sniffing!

I'm a winter baby - born Dec. 14th, 2011
 (I'm already ONE year old now - WOW!)

Mom likes putting me in coats. They were nice when it was really cold out!
Apparently, I look super cute in coats, so I got lots of extra cuddles!

There was a Shih Tzu doggie here before me and her
coats fit me perfectly as a puppy.

  I am 10 weeks old here. My nose was all
 pink when I was born, its slowly turning all black. 

My ears are glued here, to "tip" at the top.
The breeder did it just before I came home.
Mom says it looks like I don't have ears!

   I didn't have to have any more glue put on. 
As you'll see,my ears tip just perfectly!

I love to pounce on things!   Here's my happy puppy play pose!

Look at all the stuff I can literally get into! So much fun!

I definitely sleep VERY comfortably here!
 I'm a belly exposed kinda sleeper = I feel safe, comfy and loved.


Good thing Mom & Dad bought a bed
bit on the big side

As I sure do need that room now!

The bed below is the kitties - BUT  I like it too, even if  I'm getting a bit big for it.

We have this huge window, that I can stand, sit, and even lay down in! I get
to watch all the action on our street, it's fun. My furriend Iris likes to join me. 

I sure love my
Pink Kitty.

Right from the
 start, she's been
the best!

She's not a doggie
toy, BUT I made her
one! I guess she's
had to be sewed
 a few times?

Some photos of me growing up and playing in my really nice, big yard!

 My yard is so

 awesome, I even

have my own POOL!

I can jump in &

out  to cool off, play
and just have fun.

 I ring a bell by the door to go outside. Mom showed me when I was 11 weeks old, I caught on by the next
 day!  I've done it ever since. Mom was home with me as a puppy, so I never needed to be crate trained.
  I had a baby gate across the livingroom, I stayed safe in there when I was real young and left alone.
Of course I have free run of  the house when Mom & Dad are out now, because I'm a good girl! :)

I do have a crate though, incase of  traveling, or emergencies. Mom & Dad wanted me to feel comfortable
in my crate, so it is in our TV room, where I can sleep in it when I want to, I enjoy the cozy den feel.
Yes, I even sleep with my legs up, in there too! Those kitties like my crate, Iris is on top and Fern is inside!       

Fern took a bit longer to
warm up to me, but now
    she thinks I'm OK.
Here we are playing. I hide
 under the chair, while Fern
 tries to get me.
Then I start running and
 Fern actually chases me,
all over the house, that is fun!

 I am giving Fern my special
 hello sniff, she wouldn't let me
do that for a loooong time!

I told you I get to go places with
Mom & Dad. Well they even brought
me along on their 19th Anniversary!
(I'm  so  spoiled!!!)
Stayed at a cabin on the lake for a
few days. Was it ever fun, we hiked,
swam in the lake, visited wineries.

Here we are on the cabin patio, with a
lovely view of the lake. But I'm not
taking my eyes off this pizza!

We love going to the beach.
I have a life jacket that helps
me swim and keeps me a float.

I also have a boogie board,
  and a boat!

You can tell we have a lot of
 FUN at  the beach

We have this nice beach cabana
to provide much needed shade.

Staying to enjoy the beach
 sunset is always wonderful.

We love hiking together.
There are so many great places to explore.


Pretty fall leaves, for more pics
see my Autumn page

Two Little Red Riding Hoods for Halloween!

I'm not a little puppy
anymore, but Mom
still insists on
dressing me up!

I have some great photos of
 me in the snow, my 1st Birthday and Christmas on my
Winter page  

Since I'm new to the internet,
 I'd love to hear from you!

It would make me SMILE
just like in these pics

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