Paintings by Carla



"Michaels On the Thames" Restaurant in Ontario

Incorporated entire large wall


Balloon - painting

"UP UP & AWAY" - acrylic on canvas, applied thick with a palette knife. 3x4 feet



Children's Critical Care Unit.

Children's Hospital of Western Ontario

The hospital choose 10 symbols, yellow moon, hot air balloon, paw print, blue moon, kite, star, leaf, butterfly, fish and heart.

So paintings were designed to incorporate these symbols which also appeared on the floor & glass doors and on ceiling tiles in the individual rooms



Area was still under construction so equipement not all in place etc. yet




clothes clothes

Fun laundry room for clients


Another laundry room, with the kids favourite clothes floating about


Painted stools for a clients kitchen



5X5 Painting for AXIOM Financial office. Idea from a picture by Lane Smith in the book "True Story Behind the 3 Little Pigs"


"Picadilly Home" - Watercolour of a clients home, Ontario, Canada Water colour house



Placemats, Fruit & Seasonings, Veggies & Herbs



"The Dancer" - 2X4 feet acrylic on canvas Neat painting


Leaves - painting "Leaves Dropping" - 3x4 feet oil on canvas


Woman - painting"Woman Resting" - 3x4 feet oil on canvas, (part of painting)

Boys Fishing in early 1900's"Boys Fishing in the Thames River"-

6x7 feet acrylic on canvas. Galleria Mall, Ontario, Canada

Dundas Street Car in 1925"Dundas Street Car in 1925" -

6x7 feet acrylic on canvas. Galleria Mall, Ontario, Canada

Colours are more vibrant then this, flash problems with camera


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