*Jazmyn's Awards*

Little Man

Thanks to Little Man for this very fine award.

Watch out ladies, this ones a charmer!

And with that smile who can resist!


Crackers Award

Isn't Crackers beautiful, kinda looks like me! :)

Visit Crackers very nice website. You'll see how Crackers got a second chance at a happy home. Crackers is best friends with Cookie, pictured below.


Cookies Award

Cookie is about the sweetest doggie you'll meet on the net! Her first 6 years are very sad. But her miracle finally arrived and she was given a very happy loving home. She has lots of fun with Crackers, pictured above and the rest of her family.


Gus's Award

Gus surprised me with his fine award. Gus shares his house with kitties! There's momma Buffy & her kittens Harvey & Tootie. Plus Cockatiel Bobby Bird.


Ozzie Mcmutts Award for Promoting Animal Adoptions

Thanks so much Ozzie McMutt. Isn't he cute!!! Go meet his sister Willie Girl too.

See you can get GREAT pets from your local Animal Shelter. Go take a look today! Thanks for the life you're saving & remember to get that pet Spayed or Neutered!!!


Buddy Award

Isn't Buddy Dreamy! :)

I love his award. Buddy lives with 3 cats.


Stormy's Award

This is a VERY prestigious award. You can't apply for it, its just given out to sites Stormy feels are worthy. Stormy will be 13 in July of 99. So he is wise & knows LOTS!

Thanks so much to him & the "Tzu Crew" at Mishars Shih Tzu's. Like Thunder, Prince, & Crackers.


Shelby's Award

Shelby was a resident at the SHAID Tree Animal Shelter in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada.

This award is in her memory. Remember to Spay & Neuter!


Jessie the Dachshund's Award

This is in memory of Jessie, and from Dee Dee, Fred, Chester & Simon.

I just love my Peke Award from Gizmo!

Gizmo the Peke's Award


Angies Award

Angie is a real Angel!

Mitzi is so pretty!

Thanks to these girls for thier great awards.

Mitzi's Award


Buster's Award

Buster is a proud Canadian Shih Tzu! He has a fine site along with pages for his brothers, Bandit the Australian Shepard & Ringo a great cat.

See Tripp's memorial page & meet Jed & Amber, 2 dogs who bring new happiness to their family.

Trippes Award of Excellence


Woof Great Place Award

This Woof Award is from Ollie and Issie in Holland.

The Kitty Award is from Lee Ann who thinks I'm pretty cute. Thanks to both.

Lee Ann's Award for Jazmyn

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