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Ritter looking hot!John Ritter's accomplishments were SO numerous. He had to have been one of the busiest actors in the business! John graced us with his charm, enthusiasm and quick wit for 35 years on the big and small screen.

He made more then 25 movies! Did more then 70  TV guest characters. Numerous appearances on game shows. Hosted endless events. Was always there to lend a hand for charities and benefits. Performed on Broadway, as well as several smaller theaters doing plays.

What I'm including here is NOT everything. Be sure to check the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) for a run down of everything.

John's Big Screen Movies

Bad Santa (2003) on DVD - John Ritter plays the role of a mall manager, in Terry Zwigoff's holiday satire. Billy Bob Thornton and Bernie Mac also star in this movie. Also available on DVD the unrated version Badder Santa.

Manhood (2003) - Ritter is in this dramatic feature. Directed by Bobby Roth, starring Janeane Garofalo and Nester Carbonal. 

Man of the Year - a drama based on a Straw Weisman concept and starring John Ritter. The plot: One night during the California electricity crisis, at a Beverly Hills dinner party, shocking things happen that will irrevocably alter 24 lives. Stuart, a successful energy industry entrepreneur, is hosting a party honoring his best friend Bill (John Ritter), an electricity power broker, who is on the verge of closing a deal that will make many of the partygoers very rich. But before long the party mood darkens. Secrets will be revealed, trusts will be broken, cover-ups will be exposed and relationships will change forever as the guests discover that Bill is not the man they thought he was. At the height of the festivities gunfire erupts. Someone is dead, a killer is among the guests. The only way to discover the culprit and the motive is to watch it all unfold. A lot can happen in one night. Website. Released at the Slamdunk Film Festival to excellent reviews. Read here.

Clifford the Big Red Dog - John Ritter was the voice of Clifford, on the much loved childrens show! John Ritter's last stint as the voice of Clifford was "Clifford's Really Big Movie".

TadpoleTadpole (2002)- on DVD Ritter is a father to a 16 year old son whom older woman now find attractive. The son has a crush on his step-mom, John's wife played by Sigourney Weaver. (John and Sigourney pictured here). official website.

Panic (2000) on DVD official website

Terror Tract (2000) on DVD  official website

Trip Fall (2000) - on DVD. Corporate executive Tom Williams (John Ritter) and his beautiful wife Gina (Rachel Hunter) take a much needed family vacation to sunny California. Unfortunately they end up in the sights of Eddie (Eric Roberts), a career criminal, and his violent crew of kidnapers looking for their next mark. The crooks earn Tom's trust, get his guard down and snatch Gina and their children. If Tom ever wants to see his family again, he must pay Eddie $1.2 million, his entire net worth. With only one day to comply and no one to turn to for help, Tom is in a face against time with his family's life at stake. official website

Perishing Point Hotel (2000)

Sling Blade (1996) on DVD. Playing Vaughan Cunningham, John looked very different for this role of a gay man. Written and directed by John's friend and his "Hearts Afire" costar Billy Bob Thorton. 

North (1994)

Stay Tuned (1992) on DVD. Plays character Roy Knable who along with his wife , played by Pam Dawber get sucked into the TV literally and have to survive twisted versions of TV shows, including "Three's Company". One of the funniest family stories and fantasy comedies. Eugene Levy is also in the movie.

Noises Off (1992) on DVD excellent! Is a hilarious look at love, lies and deceit that take place behind the scenes as a group of inept stage actors rehearse a Broadway - bound play. Just when members of this chaotic cast finally get their performances right, everything else goes wrong. Several people star in this film like Christopher Reeve, Michael Caine & Carol Burnett.

Problem Child 2 (1991) Junior the monster child is back, as him and Ben, his adoptive father (John Ritter), move to Mortville, "the world's capital of divorce". There, Ben falls in love with a beautiful but mean-minded rich woman, Lawanda Dumore, who wants to marry him and eliminate Junior. Junior gets his new friend Trixie, she's another monster, to help avoid this disaster. Together they try to get their parents to fall in love. Trixie's mom is Annie, (Amy Yasbeck) the school nurse. Of course lots of trouble goes on as this match forms.

Problem Child (1990) on DVD Meet Ben and Flo Healy (John Ritter & Amy Yasbeck) They want a young child of their own, but Flo is incapable of having a child herself. Enter Junior, a little monster who has been to foster parents' homes since he was a baby and always made himself get thrown out so one day he goes to the orphanage and causes trouble for the poor nuns (although some of them deserved it). So Ben and Flo go to adopt a child and the administrator, Peabody, cons them into taking Junior off their hands. Junior goes home with the Healys to a nice house which includes a bedroom full of clowns! Ben takes an immediate love to his son, no matter what the horrible things he does, even though he injured his grandfather, a bigoted politician, really turned a birthday party into a "blast", sicks a bear onto campers on a camping trip, and even goes on a joyride with convicted killer Martin Beck!

skin deepSkin Deep (1989) - on DVD John is a drunken, womanizing writer whose life is falling apart. Might not sound funny, but, he does it as only he can, with great humor! Most remembered for the hilarious glow in the dark condom scene, whacky walk and thinking he squished the dog! (He doesn't! :) The film begins when his mistress catches him in bed with another woman. Then his wife walks in. As a result, his wife leaves him. Things keep getting worse - his agent is dying, his house burns down. In spite of his despair, he can't help chasing women, engaging in a series of bedroom misadventures with a collection of women -including a female body builder; a woman who likes to set pianos on fire; and the girlfriend of a rock star. Great for a laugh.

 Real Men (1987) on DVD - Ritter plays Bob, a untracivilized paper pusher who avoids confrontation at all costs. He gets mixed up with Jim Belushi's character is Nick, the best CIA agent in the world, who can handle any situation without flinching, fumbling, or mussing his hair. The story follows their adventures over the course of a week, they are being chased by both the Russians and renegade CIA agents. They dodge bullets, outwit their pursuers, face back alley ambushes and try to keep a very important appointment with aliens, Bob gets a lot tougher. And Nick gets in touch with his sensitive side. With this kind of teamwork they might even save all mankind.

They All Laughed (1981) - help get it on DVD. A mad cap private-eye caper about 3 detectives. The suave, inept Charles Rutledge (John Ritter), and the hip. They all work for a detective agency, where they are assigned to follow a trio of beautiful women, whom their husbands think are cheating on them. Soon the three detectives all become romantically involved with the women they are trailing.

Hero at Large (1980) - help get it to DVD - An idealistic but struggling actor finds his life unexpectedly complicated when he stops a robbery while wearing the costume of Captain Avenger, a superhero character of a film he is hired to to promote. He decides to dabble at being a superhero only to find that it is more difficult and dangerous than he ever imagined. Also starring Anne Archer.

Americathon (1979) - the United States government is virtually bankrupt and in danger of being foreclosed on by a group of Native Americans, now owners of the massive Nike Corporation. A desperate President (John Ritter) decides to make a last-ditch effort to save the country... by raising money with a telethon!

Nickelodeon (1976) - Peter Bogdanovich's Farcical Tribute to the Emerging Days of Silent Film. Also starring Burt Reynolds and Ryan O'Neil. Supporting Role by a youthful John Ritter - pre 'Three's Company'!

Made for TV Movies

A&E BIOGRAPHY: "John Ritter: In Good Company"- This originally aired in October 2002. Its a must have for Ritter fans! You can order a copy of this hour special ALL about John HERE.

John has made SO many TV movies, unfortunately I have not seen them all. I live in Canada and we don't have a satellite dish so I miss out on all those "specialty" channels etc. Luckily more are getting on DVD! Here's a sampling of his accomplishments.

Man of Miracles - on DVD also know as Holy Joe (1999) - John is a small town minister who saves a young boy in a fire. It refreshes his own values. John is warm and caring in this movie, he's just so fabulous to watch.

It Came From the Sky (1999) on DVD - unique story, John plays a father to a handicapped boy. Interesting visitors (Yasmine Bleeth and Christopher Llyod) literally drop in on John his son & wife. Creating for an "out there evening".

Lethal Vows (1999) - psychological thriller, based on a true story, is about a seemingly upstanding, caring husband and father (Ritter) who is accused of foul play by his ex-wife regarding the mysterious death of his subsequent wife. To prove her suspicions, his ex-wife becomes determined to reveal David's sinister side by any means possible.

The Truth About Lying (1998) - John is a popular crime writer who tries to solve the disappearance of a wealthy couples baby. While patching up his own relationship with his wife.

Dead Husbands (1998) - John plays a doctor who finds a list of mens names in his wife possessions. He assumes they are her lovers, until he discovers the men at the top are dead! Its not long till his name is added. Together with his agent friend (Amy Yasbeck -REAL life wife!), they crack the case.

Chance of a Lifetime (1998) - a nice romantic comedy featuring Katey Sagal, (John's "8 Simple Rules" co star). In this movie, John and her are wonderful friends helping each other through difficult times when slowly but surely they realize what they feel for each other is more then friendship.

A Child's Wish (1997) - John fights for his ill daughter, (Anna Chlumsky), very touching. Tess Harper plays John's wife. The 3 are pictured here. Bill Clinton appears as himself.

Dead Man's Gun (1997) - a cursed revolver bedevils the lives of a variety of owners.

Mercenary (1997) on DVD - Ritter is a rich businessman who's wife is killed by kidnapers. So he decides to get even. He hires a mercenary to find and kill the kidnapers.

Unforgivable (1996) - John plays a disturbed family man who puts his wife through domestic violence. After almost killing her in one of his rages, he seeks professional help through an innovative therapy program.

The Colony (1995) - thriller, John along with his family, moves from a crime-ridden inner city suburb to a self-proclaimed violence-free haven overseen by a godlike businessman. However, they soon discover that life in The Colony is much more sinister than it first appeared.

Gramps (1995) - Ritter is a normal lawyer with a loving family. When his mother dies, he contacts Jack (Andy Griffith), his estranged father. But Jack is not all that he seems. In reality, Jack is an obsessive and violent sociopath. Obsessed with remaining close to his grandson, Matthew, Jack is willing to do anything to stay, including murder.

Heartbeat (1993) - movie based on the Danielle Steel romance novel with the same name. John's first wife Nancy Morgan is also in this movie, her character is Zelda! John's character is Bill Grant is a successful TV producer but lives thousands of miles from his two young sons. At the same network is Adrian, a happily married woman or so it seems. When Adrian becomes pregnant, her husband announces that he doesn't want children and leaves her. Bill and Adrian begin a friendship that leads to romance. While Adrian wrestles with hope, can Bill win the battle to keep this new love alive?

The Real Story of O Christmas Tree (1992) - Cartoon - starring voices of John Ritter as Piney, Deborah Harry (Blondie) as Anneka and Jason Ritter as Little Acron. Jason was only 12 when he did this.
Oh, Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches! But why are you able to stay green all year? It was almost Christmas, and King Winter ordered the North Wind to blow the leaves off all the trees. But a little pine named Tannenbaum answered Anneka's plea for just one tree to stay green to remind her of spring! Because he disobeyed, Tannenbaum was thrown in to King Winter's dungeon. Anneka set off to rescue her friend with Piney, the pinecone gnome, and Little Acorn. Find out how they outwitted the North Wind, warmed the frozen heart of King Winter and started the tradition of brightly-lit Christmas trees topped with glowing stars.

It  (1990) on DVD - horror movie about Stephen King's novel It. The story starts in Maine, where a small child is lured into the hands of what audiences everywhere can be assured is one mean clown. The 30-year struggle against an evil supernatural force that masquerades as a circus clown named Pennywise (Tim Curry) begins in 1960 and spans until 1990. Featured are a group of six young men and one young woman who call themselves "the lucky seven" and are the unfortunate targets of Pennywise from pre-adolescence into their mid-forties. The lucky seven emerge physically intact but emotionally scathed after their first battle with Pennywise -- who is a self-labeled "eater of worlds...and children." When Pennywise returns 30 years later, the seven are forced to remember their terrifying past and faced with the prospect of destroying him once and for all.

brothers wifeThe Dreamer of Oz (1990) - a Biography of Frank Baum, the writer of The Wizard of Oz. John played the lead character wonderfully. He accurately depicts Baum as a business failure with the singular gift of being able to communicate with children.

My Brothers Wife (1989) - John is still lovable even if he wants his brothers wife for himself. John plays the flamboyantly nonconformist member of a staid Boston family. When he sees his future sister-in-law (Mel Harris), it's love at first sight. But neither act upon their impulses--not throughout the 1960s, the 1970s or the 1980s. The film finally catches up with Ritter and Harris at a family funeral, 27 years after their first meeting.

Last Fling (1987) - John finds his perfect match, Connie Sellecca. When she disappears the laughter begins as he tries to get her back.

Prison For Children (1987) -
is set in a brutal boys' reformatory. New superintendent John Ritter tries to improve conditions, but finds himself up against a wall of indifference and red tape. The film shows how a supposedly "beneficial" system of incarceration and detention can actually breed more crime than it prevents. Emphasis is on a boy who descends deeper into the morass of crime and cruelty the longer he is exposed to reformatory life. Betty Thomas also appears as a compassionate teacher who tries to get through to the boys. Filmed at an actual reform school in Colorado.

Unnatural Causes (1986)- on DVD - Based on several actual case histories, Unnatural Causes stars John Ritter as a Vietnam veteran dying of Agent Orange poisoning. Alfre Woodard co-stars as real-life VA administration benefits counselor Maude DeVictor. Battling against official denials and bureaucratic red tape, Ms. DeVictor is finally able to expose the dangers of Agent Orange, and to assure full compensation for victims like Ritter (whose character is a composite).

Letting Go (1985)- on DVD - a romantic film also starring Sharon Gless. John's character Alex is finding it extremely difficult to get over the passing of his wife of 11 years. His 9 year old son Max is even dealing with it better. So Alex joins a therapy group to help get over his great loss. While there he becomes great friends with Sharon Gless's character Kate. The steps towards healing are helping them both. The ending is most enjoyable! A real tear jerker in parts especially now that John himself has passed.  As a song that reminds him most of his wife IS infact one of John's favorite songs, by his favorite group the Beatles, "In My Life". This hit me hard while recently watching the movie again, as I knew it was sung while John was being laid to rest at the cemetery. Amanda McBroom sang it for the family and friends on Sept. 15th, 2003.

Love Thy Neighbor (1984) - comedy with Penny Marshall.

Sunset Limousine (1984) on DVD - struggling stand-up comic (Ritter) moonlights as a limousine driver and gets mixed up in a client's (Martin Short's) shady business deal. Paul Reiser is also in this film.

In Love With an Older Woman (1982) - John is a young (29) single lawyer. He falls in love with a 43 year old investigator Isobel, played by Karen Carlson.
Pray TV (1982) - This even-handed exploration of the televangelism business stars Ned Beatty as the Reverend Freddy Stone, whose religious empire nets $3 million annually. John Ritter co-stars as Rev. Tom McPherson, a newly ordained clergyman who joins the Stone operation. As Ritter begins to question the religious ethics behind Stone's lucrative ministry, a subplot develops involving Reverend Gus Keffer (Richard Kiley), who in contrast to Stone must operate on a shoestring, minus the glittery trappings of TV, radio, and SRO revival meetings.

 The Come Back Kid (1980) - a down and out former minor league ballplayer (Ritter) finds romance and a renewed zest for life when he takes a job coaching a group of underprivileged kids to the little-league crown.

Leave Yesterday Behind (1978) - John is injured while playing polo, becoming paralyzed from the waist down. Feeling despondent, he decides to go to his grandfather's ranch. He meets Marnie, (Carrie Fisher) a horse trainer. She finds herself falling for him and he for her, too. But he tries to resist, he doesn't know what kind of future, he could give her in a wheelchair. (Photo to the left, from this movie).



John also did an interview for a video called "The Joy of Natural Childbirth" in 1984.

It was filmed at John's home in Brentwood. With his first wife Nancy Morgan.

It has since been re-released by Universal Home Video.

TV Guest Appearances

John in Road TripscrubsJohn had been a guest on SO many TV shows recently. Some shows in 2003. "Caroline Rhea Show", "Conan O'Brien", "The View", "GMA", "Hollywood Squares", host for "TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV." This was a 3 hour journey down memory lane, John hosted the entire event and of course provided a thoroughly enjoyable evening for everyone.

2002 -"Scrubs", "Felicity", "Wednesday 9:30 8:30 Central", "The Ellen Show", host for "TV Road Trip", appearances on "Hollywood Squares", host for the "Spotlight Awards", a presenter for numerous awards shows. "50 Years of Television City - CBS". Narrating an "Animal Planet" show."The Honeymooners 50th Anniversary Celebration" - John Ritter shares his favorite moments from the series. John also gives an interview for the Suzanne Somers TV-ography.

Christmas with 8 Simple Rules

"ABC'S CHRISTMAS IN ASPEN" - aired December 8 2002.
John and the cast from “8 Simple Rules” singing “Deck the Halls”
with saxophonist Kenny G.(pictured here).
Katey Sagal sang “A Christmas Song”.

John & Kelly Ripa
John appeared as a guest
CO-HOST on "Live with Regis & Kelly"
on Monday March 16, 2001.

It was great to see him as him, not a character.
Filling in for a vacationing Regis was way better
then just being a 5 min. guest.

This was a nice treat for us Ritter fans.
Here he is conversing with co-host Kelly Ripa.

John doing Clifford voice

John was the voice of "
Clifford the Big Red Dog", airing on PBS. Its a much loved children's series about Clifford and his friends adventures. John has been nominated twice for a Daytime Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program'.

Here's PBS's tribute for John (click here)

How to help children through a death - PBS's coping info.

John, beard, laughingIn May 1999 John was excellent as a sheriff of a small town on "Touched by an Angel". It was a very moving episode focusing on racism in a unique way. Rosa Parks also guest starred.

In early 99 John did a guest appearance on Kirstie Alley's "Veronica's Closet". He played a "has been" photographer. Other guest appearances have been "Newsradio" and "Dave's World".

John had an awesome performance on "Ally McBeal" in October of 1998. All the women in the law firm think he's HOT, (and so he is). He is dating Elaine, the receptionist but wants Ally, who in turn fantasizes about him, including the hilarious jump on his face scene which John says on 'Regis' that he didn't mind kicking the stunt man out of the way for that shot! Most memorable was of course his "wiggle walk" reminding us all of just why we love this guy! This role earned John an Emmy nomination!

Touched by an AngelJohn's first guest spot on "Touched by an Angel" he portrayed a very caring teacher named Mike (pictured here).

He wanted to make an impact in his students lives. He has a brush with death, but beats the odds and is shown just how much he does have to live for.

In the fall of 1998 John was even on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Toys - R - Us ad.
John with his daughter Stella,
and another little girl.

looking coolBarbara Walters asked John in an interview during his "Three's Company" days how he would like to be remembered. John's response...
"Just as a guy who was interested in the golden thread that intertwines all of us together. You know, that golden thread that goes through me and you, and the cameraman, and all the people out there and back through Nancy. That's what an artist can do, that someone - anyone - could do, if they're willing to pluck that, and either it makes you laugh or it makes you cry, it's that golden thread of humanity, and I'd like to be remembered as maybe a guy who plucked a few of those."

John you definitely did!

I assembled some fabulous John photos to enjoy! Thank you for entertaining us with your incredible talent John. We'll always remember you!

Amy and John truly complimented each other. What a stunning couple too. I made this collage so everyone can see the fun and love they shared.    

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