Our 12th Anniversary getaway weekend to Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort is a mini village, with various shops, restaurants and bars. With a variety of places to stay, like these building suites.

Us in the village, me by a fountain, art show going on behind me. Mark in a big muskoka chair - too cute.

Us on a paddle boat. View of some restaurants and shops from the boat.

Mark with the ski hill paths inbehind.

The resort was built for its proximity to these hills. Which are Ontario's answer to skiing.

They look steeper in the pic below.


In the non ski season, they use this lift (gondola) to offer people a view from the "mountain". They also rent mountain bikes with accessories for the more adventurous to bike down the ski hills.

Pretty view of part of the village. 
Mark on a path at the top of Blue Mountain. 

Us by a scenic look out area.
Georgian Bay in behind.

We visit near by Christie Beach, for a wonderful sunset.

A stunning full Harvest Moon added to our
 romantic evening.

We were told by locals that the Mill Cafe in Thornbury
 had exceptional meals.
 So after the beach we headed there. We agree with the reviews. The food and ambiance are fabulous. I loved the maple rainbow trout, grilled veggies and wasabi potatoes. My tomato, basil, potato puree soup sounds simple, but it was divine!

After dinner here we headed back to Blue Mountain Village, relaxed and then walked to the local bars. Enjoyed Gel, the bottom of the Skool. A fun retro feel with rotating coloured lights and disco ball. We weren't used to the high price of the areas alcohol though - beware $14 for 2 Smirrnoff ice's! We called it a night around 12:30. Sunday morning we enjoyed a swim in the very warm indoor pool and lounging in the hot tub.

Sunday we went to the areas Scenic Caves. Which really aren't very "cavey" but do have huge rocks formations (Mark looks so little!)
Plus enjoyable look out points, like the "Lovers Rest" one above.

There is a nice pond with swans and huge trout to feed at the scenic caves.

An extra activity was recently added to the Scenic Caves. A suspension foot bridge.
 It is 126 metres long and 25 metres above the valley. The 1st photo is from their website (taken from a plane - I couldn't get that view :)

Mark on the bridge.   Us just off to the side near the start of the bridge.

After the Scenic Caves, we went to another beach. This beach is mostly layers of shale rock.
In the shale are interesting fossils,
  these trilobites are quite cool and found all over the shale!
 We enjoyed our stop here.

We took hundreds of photos, this is the narrowed down version and yes I know there's LOTS here! Hey we had a fun 2 days! :)

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