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 Introducing our NEW PUPPY - Julip!
This page is for Iris, Fern and Julip
and whatever fun they get into.
he newest 2013 Fluffy Tails info. posted at the top.
Photos of our nature hikes and critter encounters, will also be show cased here.

Fall 2013 Sorry this has not been updated - we are all well!  Have been doing things on Facebook more it seems. But NO Fluffy Tails does not have a specific page. Sorry! We do however have one for dogs -
 Dog Fun Ontario   Please LIKE us over there if you enjoy great dog photos & info.  Hope to add stuff here soon! Julip is keeping us busy! The kitties are doing awesome, gearing up for Christmas! 
Feb. 2013

New page for Julip

If you haven't seen
1st  Autumn or
Summer pages
check them out too!

Happy New Year - 2013!

Did I make it til midnight?

I'm celebrating in my pretty party dress!  Hope 2013 is an AMAZING year for everyone!
Christmas Day 2012!

                                                 Loved our 1st Christmas with Julip!

Lots of presents!
Fern is watching from the green stool

A  SLED & chew toy.

December 14th -
Julip's 1st Birthday!!!

Enjoying her special 1 candle Birthday cookie & her new squeak toy - a Dog-quiri :)

December 8th - Work
Christmas Party


December 1st  Julip's 1st
Christmas Tree! 

Julip says hello to Iris & then Fern, under the tree. Then naps under it herself! :)
Yes NEW pics on our Christmas page ONE  &  TWO!
November 24,  our first
snowfall of  the season!

Julip is VERY excited!

Oct. Julip, Iris & Fern - ALL
  Best Buddies now! :)

Fern & Julip getting along great now!  All 3 lounging, in & by Julip's carrier & in her bed. :) 
Julip's 1st Halloween

Julip thinks doing a Trick for a Treat is a great idea! :)

Julip IS Little Red Riding Hood / Wolf! :)  I'm also Little Red Riding Hood & Mark is Grandma
October Julip's 1st Fall

Julip loves the leaves! Whether it be jumping up to get them or sniffing in a pile!
Please visit her 1st Autumn page
Canadian Thanksgiving!

Fall, the most beautiful, colourful time of year, perfect  for  hiking!
Oct. 2nd - Julip is spayed!
She did great! So relieved!
Quite the shaved belly ;(

Vets office had this board up - thought it was nice idea.  Was fine the next day,  just her shaved belly! 
September our 19th

Julip comes away with us for a few days. She tours wineries, quaint towns & meets a horse!
More pics from our 19th
Anniversary get away

Rented a cabin by the lake
Julip LOVED it!

She loved hiking & hanging out in "our" lake, bonus of a Golden Retriever furriend too!
June Visit Julip's 1st SUMMER pictures here  and see the fun we ALL have!

June 28th Julip decides to go into HEAT this week, just days before her scheduled SPAY surgery
(July 3rd)!  Silly puppy - she's ONLY 6 months!  So its no dog park etc. for 3 weeks! :(
We are having a temp. heat wave this 1st week of July anyway - seems fitting! 
June 26th

Perfect beach day! Julip loves everything about it.  The swimming, sand digging,
lounging in our cabana.  She's SO much FUN to bring places!

June 25th 
Pinery Provincial Park

Dog Friendly Beach
very wavy this day

Carolinian Trail

Spotted some nice birds. A Blue Heron & I've yet to figure out the bird on the end?
Julip did get a TICK on her here! It wasn't biting her thank goodness! Just on her leg.
It was our 1st tick experience, they didn't used to be too common here - not anymore :(

May 26th Julip's 1st
Beach day!

She loves the beach - YAY! We have a water doggy!

Hiking in May with Julip

Julip loves exploring various hiking spots with us. She's the best puppy!

May 12th

Happy 11th
Birthday Iris
& Fern

Best Kitty Sisters in the world!
Love you Girls!
Fern singing Happy Birthday!                        Iris trying not to think about getting older!

May 4th
Iris letting Julip know
SHE'S Boss!

Its getting good with the kitties and Julip. Iris enjoys Julip's ear kisses.
And Fern is allowing Julip to lay somewhat close to her - without swatting at her! :)

Feb. 18 - March 3rd
Progress with Iris

Julip has been great with both Iris & Fern. When Julip is in hyper mode its hard, as she wants
 to play SO badly with them. Fern is having more issues and will often hiss, meow & even
chase Julip! Hopefully all will work out soon - its exhausting making sure all 3 are happy!

Iris is being very
accepting of Julip!
Will let Julip sniff
her lots.
Iris still gets lots of
love on HER bed,
so she's happy.

Feb. 20 - Family Day
Extra day with DADDY!

Family Day is an actual Holiday here in Canada! The perfect weekend for Julip to come home!
Dad gets an extra day off  to spend with our furry new addition!

Feb. 18th  Welcome Home to our
new puppy  JULIP :)

Ours lives are full of doggie love again! We are SO happy. She is a wonderful addition. 
Too see more of our new baby, Julip - please visit her own page here
Feb 15th 2012 - Getting
ready for PUPPY!


January & Feb. -

Search for our spring
PUPPY is in full swing!
Its proving to be a real
procedure for sure!

I email 29 Sheltie Breeders within a 3 hours drive. Hear back from 20.  Of  that 20, 10 are
expecting puppies between Feb. - April. Of  that 10 about half  think they may have coloured
(other then sable & white / "Lassie look") puppies. But expecting mostly Tri's (mostly black, bits
of brown & white), maybe some bi- blues (grey & white, bits of black). Seeming REALLY
difficult to find BLUE MERLE puppies and we only want a GIRL!  We are put on 2 waiting lists
 (but are already 3rd on each) for possible blue merle puppies not born till July!  But then
another round of emails to breeders we hadn't contacted yet brought us to an available 9 week
old Blue Merle GIRL!  With in a few days we drive 2 hrs to go see (& you know) bring HOME
our GIRL!  So HAPPY!!!!!!! She is perfect!!!!!!!!!!

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