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This page is for Events & Parties we attend. Bashes such as Birthday's, Wedwinking's, Seasonal Festivities. Whatever fun we can get into! Also for gifts and cards we receive for these great activities!

A card for our 4th Birthday
from our friends Dino and Pebbles
 at Two Cats Two.

We turned 4 on May 12th, 2005.

A Happy Halloween card from Zena, Scraps, Neek & Jordan

Jordon turned 1 June 2nd 2003! Go join the party.

This puzzle thing was so cool. You can change the number of pieces and shapes, & it times you while you complete it, super cool.


E.T. 3rd Birthday party

Look at E.T.,

he just turned 3!

Awesome Purrday party bud!


Valentine from E.T.

E.T. is such a nice kitty!

Thank you to him, for this wonderful card.


Our Valentine's Day card from Ned & Alex


Our 1st Wed-wink! Here are the very happy couples Zena & Stan, Scraps & Levi. This exchange of luf was on Valentine's Day 2002! We are so happy for the newly weds! Go see what a lovely ceremony, dinner and dance they had!


Fern & Iris Arrive

We sure had fun dressing up PURRty and doing the chicken dance! . We received this lovely gift for attending their double Wed-wink.

Wedding Gift


Cosi turned 3 March 31st.

We had fun there.



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