Our Summer Holidays - August 2004
Day trips in Southwestern Ontario

Sifton Bog and Conservation area, London Ontario.

Trees near the bog. The ground is quite lumpy and mossy, being on a spongy mat of peat. You can't walk on it or you'll sink in, so there is a nice wooden path.

The bog behind us.

Soft puffy flowers called Tussock

Red moss and more red moss with a wild mushroom.

After the walk to the bog, we  headed in a different direction in search of deer.

We spotted deer droppings!

Yes the deer were near by!
 We saw 3 different groups of them at various spots.
  However, they were difficult to photograph thru the trees.

After walking for quite awhile, we came upon a clearing area with apple trees. Here a doe and her fawn were enjoying some grass and apples.

 What a beautiful site.

The spots on young deer are so cute.

Mom has discovered I'm taking her photo.

 Unfortunately they went back into the woods shortly after these pics.

Some more sites in this 28 hectare Conservation area.

Wild mushrooms.

A pond covered in green algae.


Port Franks Beach - Lake Huron

Labour Day weekend, August 28th.

Found some washed in  trees along the shore.

Ours toes on the ripplely sand.

Its not the beach without a seagull photo!

Goderich, Ontario.

Old train station and the salt mines on Lake Huron.

This wooden trestle was built in 1906 for the Canadian Pacific Railway to cross the Maitland river below. It was the longest railway bridge in Ontario. After the closure of railroad traffic this was converted into a safe walking bridge as part of the Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail.

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