Camping - 2007

MacGregor Point Provincial Park
Port Elgin, Ontario
July 29th - August 1st

For the first time in years,
it doesn't rain while we are camping!
Sure makes for a much  nicer experience.
It was hot too, excellent beach weather.

Our home for 4 days, Nipissing area, site #233

The site is nice and private with full trees. We couldn't see any other sites actually, quite nice!

MacGregor's beaches aren't the best for swimming. As shown above.
They are quite rocky with slime on the rocks! 
However there is a great beach just 5 min. outside of the Park.

   This is Gobles Grove Beach (or as the locals call it  CAW beach).
It is a nice, sandy section of  Lake Huron.  As a bonus we swam with some Canada Geese!
Chantry Island and Lighthouse in the far right.

   Although the Parks beaches are not the best for swimming, they more then make up for it with
 stunning sunsets. The 3 nights we were there, we were treated to amazing scenic displays.
These were taken at various locations along Sunset Point trail.   

The rocks add lots of interest to the vistas.


We have a remote control on our Canon G7 camera,
thus allowing us to get pictures of us both together!

Some more photos of us along the rugged Lake Huron shore.


Our site was visited by red tailed squirrels, this big bunny (both pictured above),
chipmunks, raccoons, and a skunk passed behind us one evening,
during our campfire. 

  The Park has a few ponds / wetland areas throughout.
We've never seen a Great Egret (large white bird) before, so this was exciting.
There is a huge variety of birds, like Blue Herons and King Fishers, which we also saw,
 but not able to photograph - move too fast!
 Canadian Geese are pretty abundant in Ontario and usually co-operate for photos, like above.

We've been wanting a photo of  Poison Ivy for sometime now and we finally got one.

We were never exactly sure which 3 leafed greenery it was?

But the visitor centre at the Park has some
out front with a sign pointing to it.

 It makes your skin very itchy with a rash
 if you get the plant oils on you.
Luckily we haven't had any on us before.


It was a very successful camping experience,
with the bonus of no rain!!!

As all the Provincial Parks in Ontario, MacGregor Point
has lots to offer. Port Elgin is also a very nice area,
every Wed. there is a Flea Market on the beach.

Being particularly hot & humid this trip, we
enjoyed our time spent on the beach the most! 

Ontario Parks reservations
Friends of MacGregor
Saugeen Shores
Chantry Island
Poison Ivy

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