Boomer IN Heart Shaped JacuzziWelcome, this page should make it easier for you to navigate yourself around my awards pages.

I LOVE all my many Awards and I thank everyone for their kindness in giving them to me. Especially the SURPRISE ones!

My awards make me as happy as lounging around in my jacuzzi, who says cats don't like water...


Page One

  1. Punkins Purrfect Link Award
  2. Mondays Heavenly Cat Site Award
  3. From A Cat's Eye View your site looks Pawsitively Purr-fect
  4. This Site Makes the Cat Nippers Purr Award (Ned & Alex)
  5. Handsome Dude Sam's Seal of Purrfection
  6. The Roscoe Award for a Purrfect Site
  7. Muffin's Award for Purrfect Pages
  8. 5 Purrs Award from Cats 'n' Kittens
  9. Hero's Paw of Approval
  10. Dicheles Kitties Love this Site
  11. Lee Ann's Cat Corner Bouquet Award

    Page Two

  12. Reeses Gives This Site One Tummy Up!
  13. Lisa's Critter Award of Excellence
  14. The Chico Award Given Only to Great Pet Sites
  15. Molly the Cats NO Fleas On You Award
  16. Lisa Violet Loves It
  17. Lee Ann's Cat Corner Paw-sitivly Purr-fect Award May 1988
  18. Sebastian the Wonder Kitty Paw Print of Approval
  19. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Awards in Barnhart Kitties Photo Contest
  20. Simba and Baloo says this Site is Fur-lickin' Good!
  21. Dusty Rose's Dynamite Site Award
  22. Abby's Special Friend to the Animals Award Presented to Boomer
  23. The Roscoe Feature Page Award for May 1998

    Page Three

  24. Sharif's Humane Site Award
  25. Dusty Mops Purr Page Award
  26. Cutie Cats Four Paw Award
  27. Catnip Calico's Meowy Fantastic Pet Site Award
  28. Leo's "Cool" as a Minnesota Winter Award
  29. We Know You Care Award from BratCats
  30. The Keeper of the Stars Award from BratCats
  31. The Purrr-severence Award in Memory of Buck from BratCats
  32. Sammie & Beezer's Purr-fect Page Award
  33. You have Purrsonality Presented by Bigpaw

    Page Four

  34. Tammy's Dog House Award of Excellence
  35. Pywacket's Purr Page
  36. Hip Kitty's Hip Homepage Award
  37. Four Friendly Felines Award of Purrfection
  38. Safe Haven for Cats - Provide A Home not A Litter
  39. Leo Loves It Award from Sue's Cats
  40. Firefly Glow Caring Cat Award
  41. Thanks for Caring About Animal Welfare from Monday
  42. Mr.Chips Award for Shelter Pets
  43. Pye's Compassionate Heart Award
  44. Bryce's Great Surf Award
  45. Tas Says Thanks for Helping Animals

    Page Five

  46. Caesar & Cleo's Catnip Award
  47. Karen's Seal of Approval Award
  48. Grama Thinks Your Site is Puuurfect
  49. Ollie's #1 Mouse Catcher Award
  50. Vegas's Glamour Puss Award
  51. Pretty Baby's "I know a great homepage when I see one" Award
  52. Purry Paw of Approval Award from Matthew & Lucky
  53. Sandra's Purrrfect Site Award
  54. Catalina Island Cats Dream Come True Award
  55. Judy's Purrs n' Fur Animal Loving Award

    Page Six

  56. Boomer is Valentine Cat of the Year 1999, Lisa & Critters Contest
  57. CLAW'S Valentine Costume Ball FIRST place Award
  58. October's Brave Cat Award
  59. Tiggers Lifesaver Award
  60. I found the Catnip At Tiggers Birthday Party Award
  61. Goldie Meow's Homepage Excellence Award
  62. Yourky's Animal Antics Award
  63. Biscuit's Buddies Cool I Like This Site Award
  64. Possum's Award of Excellence to Boomer the Crazy Cat
  65. Happiness is Being Owned By Cats Award
  66. Be My Kitties Paws Up Award

    Page Seven

  67. Ringo's Perfect Site Award
  68. Aussieville Award For Webpage Excellence, Bandit & Buster
  69. Lucy's Krazy Kitty Website Award
  70. Best Website Award from Minnie's Menagerie
  71. Great Animal Webpage Award from Gumnan
  72. Maggie & Tiger Love it Award
  73. Cheech's Outrageous Orange Award
  74. Minnesota Kitty of the Month of March
  75. Minnesota Kitty of the Month of May
  76. Kitty Kat's Palace Award for Great Cat Page July 1999
  77. Award of Excellence, Cats & Kittens Members Choice

    Page Eight

  78. Cats & Kittens Award of Excellence, Outstanding Cat Webpage
  79. Outrageous Orange Award with my pic from Cheech
  80. Cosmo's Orange U Glad Ur Orange Award
  81. Firecracker Hunt Award
  82. Sweeney's Award for Orangeness
  83. Azraels Award for Pals with Special Needs
  84. Phoebes Friends Award for Shelter Pets & Rescue
  85. PURRfect 10 Award from Cat Corner
  86. Helpful Kitty from Minnesota Kitty Society/CLAW Service Award
  87. Be-Mi-Kitties October Site of the Month Award
  88. Pyewackets One of a Kind Great Site Award

    Page Nine

  89. Sasha & Oskana's Miauaward
  90. Studley's Golden Award for Page Excellence
  91. Qedrin's Home Page Award for Outstanding Sites
  92. Cats -R- Us Award
  93. BlackJack's Best Site Award, 4 Paws up
  94. Kountry Pugs Award of Excellence
  95. Beautiful Paws Award of Excellence
  96. Tiggers Terrific Award
  97. Pye's in Your Face Great Web Site Award
  98. Minnesota Kitty Society Thank You Award
  99. Bubba & Sissy Purrfect Award

    Page Ten

  100. This Site Sparkles Award From Me And My Shadow
  101. Red Devil Thinks This Site is Hot! From Diabella Love Cats
  102. We Like This Site from the Meezer Trio
  103. February Kitty of the Month from Minnesota Kitty Society
  104. Kroeber's Cool Kitty Site Award
  105. Cindy's Cool Cat of the Web Award
  106. Tweet Award from Claudette
  107. The Scot-Irish Pet Clan Award
  108. Mille's Cute Award
  109. Cat's Pride Friends of Feline's Award
  110. Petsburgh Stable - Outstanding Pet Site Award from Paula

    Page Eleven

  111. Goldstar Birmin Award
  112. Diamond's Solitaire Award
  113. Felis Catus Award of Excellence
  114. I partied at Mille's Birthday Weekend
  115. I scared the Black Bird Away at Mille's Birthday Weekend
  116. Links 2 Go Key site Award
  117. Jessie Loves This Site Awarded to Boomer the Crazy Cat
  118. Runtell's 4 Paws Up Award fr Purrfect Websites
  119. Award of Excellence From Love For Animals
  120. Boomer, A Mew-Rific Minnesota Kitty - August 2000
  121. CLAW Count status over 2000 points

    Page Twelve

  122. Birthday Wishes from Runtell
  123. Birthday Wishes from Kroeber
  124. Birthday Wishes from Mille
  125. Birthday Wishes from Smokey Kitty
  126. Birthday Wishes from the Cat Club Ailurophilia
  127. Birthday Wishes from Boomer (not me)
  128. Little Man Says #1 Woofin Site
  129. Boomer FIRST Place in Runtell's Amazing Kitty Contest
  130. Smurgles Gang Award
  131. Kitty's Jello Award Made Especially by Lucille & Stan
  132. Petsburgh Stable - Outstanding Pet Site Award from Joan Lilly

    Page Thirteen - Boomer has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

  133. Dragon Lairs Stray Cat Award
  134. Dragon Lairs Silver Award
  135. Ailurophilia Halloween Contest 3rd place Best Costume in Contest
  136. Ailurophilia Halloween Contest 3rd place Best Human Costume
  137. Philippe's Cat of the Month for November Award
  138. Bo's Hearts Always Remember Award
  139. Sebastian's Brave Heart Award
  140. Penmarric's Cornish Rexellent Page Award
  141. Callie's Spoiled Kitty Award
  142. Jay's Purrfect Page Award
  143. Oldham Recue Cats Award
  144. Toby & Caspers 4 Paws Approval Award

    Page Fourteen

  145. Lisa's Award To A Beautiful Page
  146. Boogie's Award to Purr For
  147. Joan Lilley's Petsburgh Sparkle Award
  148. Taffy's Memorial Site Award for Boomer
  149. Cool Cyber Cats Awards - from Hamlet & from Itchy


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