Why I'm known as Boomer the CRAZY Cat!

puffed up fluffy tailed Boomer


puffed up Boomer1. Puff up fur, especially tail instantly. Accompanied by my special sideways dance, (I'm told that's a challenge to photograph). But here's an attempt.
2. Run around the house "talking", because I like to hear myself think.
Boomer chewing toothbrushes 3. Chew on tooth brushes. My parents will never notice the bite marks on theirs.
4. Like doors to remain open, and guests will just have to deal with that. Especially while they're in the bathroom.
5. Must always lick, lick, lick then softly, well usually softly, bite people.
Boomer across newspaper. 6. Spread across the newspaper and gets lots of stretchs in, while its being read. Or at least get in the way of further reading, after all I'm the one needing attention.
7. Lay flopped over my parents shoulders for a free ride around the house.
8. Sit on rim of bath tub to observe Mom's bubble bath. Water and bubbles are cool.
Boomer Supercat Position 9. Lay in a "Supercat", flying position, as demonstrated in this photo.
10. Get into ALL plants & flowers, fresh, dried or artificial even cactus's and eat them.
11. Preform death defying stunts to catch flying bugs.
12. Knock "loose objects"off counter or dresser, the louder and earlierin the morning, the better. The phone receiver at 5 am is a favourite!


*Update* Boomer passed away on October 25, 2000. In memory of a very special cat we are leaving his webpages the way they are so others can see what a fabulous kitty he really was. And of course crazy!!! :)

We hope you enjoyed Boomer's antics. I'm sure your kitties do many of these crazy things too! Cats are the best!!!!

Obviously Boomer will always hold a VERY special place in our hearts. We are now blessed with more kitties to share our life & love. Please visit Iris & Fern!! our 2 new kitties. And say hi to Jazmyn too!!

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