Boomers Seasons page

Boomer passed away October 25th, 2000. But in honour of his memory I've included highlights of each season/occasion/month here. All together in one location for your viewing enjoyment :) Boomer sure was a fun cat and loved to celebrate occasions. He purrticipated in many events with the cat clubs on the internet. Especially at CLAW / Minnesota Kitties Society and Ailurophilia.

Boomer kissing mouse

Curious kitten Boomer with Christmas tree

From a kitten to adulthood Boomer loved Christmas, as many kitties do! The tree was a constant source of entertainment. We'll sure miss Boomer knocking all our ornaments off.

Boomer swatting balls off Christmas tree
Baby Boomer & Carla at Christmas

Boomer and me, (Mom Carla)

Boomer certainly got big fast :) !.

Big Boomer & Carla at Christmas

Boomer in Jacuzzi

Boomer Tux

Boomer was always the ladies man, hehehe. Here he is looking most romantic is his Valentine's Day suit.

And above in his jacuzzi!! Boomer was such a tease!!



BoomerBoomer never passed up a chance to party, and St. Patrick's Day was a great opportunity!

Boomer was a 1/4 part Irish on his Mother's side, that's where he got his bonnie red fur from.

Cheers Boomy!


mardi gra


Fun, Fur & Surf Lazy Cat Days of Summer
canada day

Canadian flagBoomer was a proud Canadian Cat and helped celebrate Canada Day on July 1st every summer.

Boomer loved the sunshine, laying in the hot sun from the skylight was a favourite past time. Plus bird watching on his ledges. And of course summer meant fresh catnip plants growing in ou yard. So Boomer would bombard you every time you came in the back door in the hopes that we were carrying catnip leaves for him. We usually were.

Boomers BirthdaySeptember 14th was Boomers Birthday. He had a nice Birthday page for his friends to visit and help him celebrate.


Take Birthday graphic!

Punkin Line

Boomer in cowboy costume

Halloween was always lots of for Boomer. He won many contests in these Halloween costumes.

Boomer Hippy Cat
Boomer in straw with pumpkins


Hawaiian dancing Boomer

Hope you enjoyed our in memory of Boomer, seasons page. He was a fabulous cat, who will be remembered fondly by all who knew him, either in purrson or via the internet. The seasons aren't the same without you to brighten them up Boomer.

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Memorial Page for Boomer

Obviously Boomer will always hold a VERY special place in our hearts. We are now blessed with more kitties to share our life & love. Please visit Iris & Fern!! our 2 new kitties. And say hi to Jazmyn too!!

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