In Loving Memory of Boomer, a remarkable cat

September 14, 1993 - October 25th, 2000

Boomer...where do I begin. We miss you so. Everything in the house is a reminder of you. I can picture you in all your favourite places and its breaking my heart that you're not in any of them. We've never been in this house without you before and its so lonely. You are greatly missed at every turn. We do treasure having you in our lives for seven years. Those memories are making us smile, through the tears. Your crazy antics will never be forgotten. You will always be our number one boy. Boomer you were an extraordinary cat. Love and purrs, Mom, Dad & Jazmyn.

For those that are unaware of why Boomer crossed the Rainbow Bridge so early. Here's what happened to our precious boy. On Wednesday October 25th, 2000 at 6:30 am. we, Carla & Mark - Boomers mom & dad awoke to loud meows from Boomer. I thought he was being a bugger of a cat as always and just talking to himself. So I called out to him to come to bed. Well he let out a terrible cry which had me jump up to go see him. He was on the hall floor rolling and not being able to use his back legs. So I freaked and called to Mark who came to us. Boomer was purring real loud like he was happy we were there to help him, but a laboured kind of purr. We immediately rushed him to the emergency vet clinic. It was too early for our regular vet's office. We hadn't been to this office before, but the vet on staff was amazing. She gave Boomer pain medication right away because he was howling in pain, it was terrible. Because of the sudden paralysis in Boomers hind legs, the vet knew what had happened, she explained it to us.

This is what happened to our beautiful boy. Boomer had developed a blood clot which had blocked his vessels, cutting off his circulation to his back legs. They were so cold. Its called Thrombosis. Of course we've never heard of this word till then, but now we hear its the same condition people get as well. As you can imagine we were both bawling. I couldn't believe what was happening and that our precious Boomer would NOT be okay. The vet said that they could hook him up to an IV and put medication in that may move the blood clot, but Boomers prognosis wasn't good. She could hear, smaller clots around his heart. There'd be no absolute the bigger clot would move or the use of his hind legs would return. She said Boomer would get another clot in a few weeks time anyway and we may not be there to help him. In which case he'd die a very painful lonely death. She said us being there to help him now was the right thing to do. His chest was all expanded because it was hard for him to breath. It was SO hard saying bye. We stroked his fur, hugged him and talked to him for over an hour. Tears streaming on him. He was pretty out of it from the pain medication, but I know he knew we were loving him. The vet came in a couple times to see if we were ready but we weren't, it was so difficult. Finally we told her it could be done, but we certainly weren't ready. The last things he heard was me telling him what a good boy he was and that he had to watch over us and of course how much we loved him. I'm bawling writing this. I can't believe he's gone. Our baby Boomy bug.

The vet wrapped him up in the towel we had him in and we brought him home. We gathered his favourite things, a furry mouse, a sponge ball, a baby catnip plant from outside and a can of salmon. Mark had called my Dad from the vets when we first had got there. So we drove out to my parents place (the farm where I grew up). My Dad had made a nice wood box for Boomer. We dug a hole under a tree, and placed him there to rest, right by Katie (their recently passed away Shih Tzu). Even though the vet reassured us over and over that putting Boomer out of pain was the best for him, it was the hardest thing we've ever had to do. We know we are lucky that we were with him in the end. Many times people aren't there when their friends and family pass away, so we do take comfort in being together as Boomer crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Boomer we love you!

We are SO proud of the fact the Boomer became some what of a *star* on the internet. Through out Boomers life and now in his passing, its become very evident just how much he's touched others. The amount of support we've received has been wonderful and very appreciated. Many of Boomers furriends have sent us lovely things, that have made us smile . It warms our heart to know such caring kitties/people.

Below are a few photos (that aren't on Boomers main pages). These show Boomers great purrsonality. And what a big part of our family he was.

Boomer helping with dinner Boomer & Dave

Boomer always willing to help with dinner.

Boomer playing with my Dad on his visits.

Boomer as a lap top Boomer at breakfast

Which is the real "lap top?"

Boomer & Mark's breakfast routine.

Boomer snoozing on lap Boomer eating

Boomer the best lap cat ever!

Boomers special eating area.

Jazmyn & Boomer

Boomer and Jazmyn,

our shih tzu. Were

best furriends.

As seen here. Jaz misses

you Boomer!

Boomers last photoThis is the very last photo of Boomer. It was a great surprise to see, when I got my photos developed. And brought many tears. Our film was only on about 8 when Boomer passed away & I didn't think I had any of him on the film.

How appropriate that the last photo be Boomer doing what he did best. Getting into trouble! :) Here he is investigating our basement ceiling. We were cleaning it out for construction to begin. Boomer was ALWAYS where the action was.

Below are a few graphics Boomers friends have made him. Another page has also been created to display ALL of them. We are very proud of the friendships Boomer and we have made on the internet. You may view the rest of Boomers tributes here.

Boomer in the sunset from the Smurgles gang.

Angel Boomer from the Luv Kittys

Runtell, a super nice kitty and good furriend made these really beautiful gifts.

The Hunts

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More Memorial Graphics for Boomer

Obviously Boomer will always hold a VERY special place in our hearts. We are now blessed with more kitties to share our life & love. Please visit Iris & Fern!! our 2 new kitties. And say hi to Jazmyn too!!

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