Shake that fluffy tail Iris! You can sure dance!!

Iris dancesIris dancing

Lucille's PlaceLucille's Place

Look the crew from Lucille's Place has arrived, yeah!!

Lucille, is the kitty upfront, Samantha (solid black), Benjamin (tuxedo kitty), Zoie (the doggie), Daniel kitty infront of the doggie and Stan the party animal!!


Cosi & Oscar


TheTaurus Cat - April 21- May 21

A cat who loves the good things in life--a soft cushion, a special place of its own, and
gourmet dinners. Laid-back, adagio, and very sensual, Taurus cats choose food,
stroking, and massage. So much "good stuff," however, could lead to, well, pudge.
Taurus cats are possessive of the things they love, and they can be stubborn. Once
habits are acquired, they're hard to break, so train these cats early.

Placid and easy going is the Taurus cat, slow to anger but beware when they lose their temper! Taurus cats can get very set in their ways and aren't particularly fond of change. The one thing they hate the most is changing routines. They tend to love their food and nap times and can sometimes be a little overweight. Once a Taurus cat has made up his mind about something you will find it nearly impossible to change it. Never shut a door on a Taurus cat, he will want to barge right through it. Loyal and friendly.

The Taurus Cat is loving and cuddly. Taurus cats need their owner's laps and will put up with
almost anything just to sit in them. They also love to lay in front of a fire or curled on a blanket.
The Taurus cat relishes time with his owner, but will ignore the owner from time to time just to keep
a little mystery. Taurus cats are quiet and peaceful and are most comfortable when all is well and
secure in their world, especially if there's a scratching post, or sofa, nearby.

Your cat was born under the most luxury loving, sensuous of all Siamese star signs. The cat is most likely to be attracted to beautiful colors, to flowers and to bright decorations. You might find, however, that in their own quiet way they are very jealous. Even though the cat doesn't hiss or scratch out of jealousy, always remember to give them the love and attention they require. Then both of you will live happily ever after.

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Casper & Willowyuma

Oh look Iris! Those lovely Dutch boys have arrived, Casper, Willow & Yuma.


THomas & Squiggy



Goodness that Queen Bitsy sure knows how to dress fancy like! And her furriend Sheik Ollie Babble sure is catsome!

Monkey boys

You're just in time Nicky and Koko (The Monkeyboys)!!

Furballs Firballs

The Furballs have arrived, a bit late, but better then never! It takes a long time to get to Canada from South Africa! Thanks for making the trip to our party!

Fern spots the gifts & cards!!

cards & gifts are here >

Iris cleaning up


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