Tree Decorating 101

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Your instructors, Iris and Fern will demonstrate how to
assemble and decorate a Christmas tree.

Iris & Fern in
              the box


 A full day of excavating the storage room in search
of the various Christmas boxes has
definitely created a mess.

 Finally all have been found. Including a few boxes
we didn't even know existed!

 After a quick sorting thru of the tree box,
   we are ready to begin the assembly of the artificial tree.

Fern beginning


       Insert each      

Fern helping



Fluff  branches
 out  to desired

Iris helping


Fern sniff

Even though this tree
 is artificial,
it should still be sniffed and tasted for freshness.

Yep, this one's still good!

Fern chew


Iris & Fern


After each layer, it is very important to stop and rest.

 IN the tree of course!

 This is strenuous work,
 no need to over
 exert yourself.

Iris & Fern still


Iris & lights


Wrap the lights
each layer.

 It gives them
lots of depth.

              walking on tree

both in tree

     We sure love the sparkle of    
Christmas lights.

More layers, equals more

 Of course in the tree!


both in tree

Fern help


Addition of the top pole
is all about balance.

 Getting two different perspectives
 helps ensure it is straight.

A little to the left Fern!
Looks good Iris!

tree straightening


Iris & angel


Make sure the angel is
 securely in place.

 tree topper,
  being the
obvious choice!

cat angel



Once the tree has all its branches,
comes the best part, the decorating!

Stick to a colour scheme, a wide assortment
 of things adds interest.

 Balls and thick ribbon are great to play with.
 Remember to place items close to the
bottom for easy swatting, while laying down.



in tree

The most important ornament is infact you!

Place yourself IN the tree for the final touch.


in tree

A special thank-you to our talented girls for their expertise. Now an update ...



The tree is still standing, only 1 ornament officially broken. However things are certainly a little bit off!

On the left is Iris tree diving, great new sport!

To the right, we have Iris attempting to take over the
 angel duties at the top of
the tree. 

Iris IN tree


tree climber


The poor angel isn't much safer. Now Iris is trying to eat her!

Notice the lack of ornaments around the top.
The branches have a definite flattened appearance.

Will the tree and angel make it to Christmas day?!

angel eater



At 11 pounds, Fern is in great shape. Daily climbs up the tree have made her fitter then ever!

The top of the tree however is basically flat.

Fern must be giving the
angel a kiss for Christmas?!



Jaz, Iris Fern


Oh the excitement, presents!
Jazmyn our Shih Tzu doggie joins the fun.

 Iris is IN the gift bag!

Jaz, Iris Fern

before &

The Christmas tree update! After three weeks, 2 crazy cats have taken their toll.

The decorating has taken on the "distressed look".

A ring of cardboard was added in the middle to deter the cats from climbing up the tree. Obviously this didn't work. Instead, created a platform!
Our tree has NEVER fallen over. It is 22 years old and obviously built to last! We do not secure it to the wall, but would recommend it to others, if your tree is not sturdy and you have purroud feline decorating enthusiasts.

2004Please ensure a safe season for your pets. Tinsel is not recommended or other similar items such as thin ribbon on presents. Every vet office has numerous stories of emergency surgeries to remove decorative items which pets have ingested!
Watch pets aren't consuming the actual tree or chewing the lights! There are products such as "Bitter Apple" that can be sprayed to deter unwanted chewing.
 Also watch the metal hooks used to hang ornaments.
Have fun - but play safe! 
Jaz chewing a treat, Iris checking her stocking, Fern on a nip high.

We LOVE Christmas Day - Presents!

Jazmyn enjoyed some
festive collars, and a
 Santa suit over the years.

But she was the prettiest in
her Party Dress!

Note:  Jazmyn passed away on Oct. 25th 2010.

Jaz was 16 years old.
We miss her lots, what
a little sweet heart!


Our 21 year old tree goes thru different looks, colours and ornaments.
700 new LED lights. In 2012 we welcome our newest addition Julip the Sheltie!
(pictured in the end photo ON our new purple tree skirt  )

Introducing the newest love of our life
 Born Dec. 14, 2011. We brought her home
 in Feb. 2012.
(pictured above)

Here is Julip

 Julip turned
4  on Dec.
Happy Birthday!

 is extra
fun with her.

Is Julip helping with the tree?

 Fern would say NO!

But Julip found the perfect
task - Ornament Sniffing!

A super important job Julip
 takes very seriously.

Here's all 3 of us with our stockings.

Hope Santa fills them up good!

Julip's says 'Santa, I've Been
Doggone Good'
(ya right - not!)

Our kitty one says 'Santa, I've Been
 Purrfect' (but of course!)

The paw print ones
have our names on them.

Our FIRST Christmas Day
  with Julip.
She loved her presents,
 and didn't even mind wearing
 a pretty festive dress!

Fern watching on, from a
higher vantage point, the stool.

While Iris got right into
the gifts with Julip.


Iris having fun with Julip
under the tree
in 2014.

We appreciate your comments. Your messages
all read and very much enjoyed!

All the best in 2016!

From the Fluffy Tails crew

IrisFern  and  Julip

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