Jazmyn the 16 yr
        old Shih Tzu

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This page is to share some more photos of our 16 year old Shih Tzu that we adored.
Jaz passed away Oct. 25th, 2010.

We were so lucky to share
our life with Jazmyn for 16 years!

 What an incredible little sweetie.

She made us happy every day,
and we miss her so much!

Not having kids - Jaz was our baby!
Makes losing her extra difficult.

This is the last photo of us with Jazmyn.

Jaz in the fall 2010, with the mum flowers. She is quite frail here.

And her eyes were glossed over. Still a sweetie, but so elderly!

Here's photos from the last 8 years! We began making it a tradition to get
 pumpkin photos of Jaz & I every Thanksgiving, which is in Oct. in Canada.

  Christmas without you Jaz,
  is so sad.

You definitely were Doggone Good!

Getting you at Christmas time from the
 Humane Society
 all  those years ago made for the
 happiest Christmas.

You will always be our best present ever!

Miss you!


And finally some Christmas photos of us with Jazmyn

We know Jazmyn is with her best bud Boomer, who passed away 10 years ago.
 May they be happy and carefree together at the Rainbow Bridge!

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