Jazmyn & Boomer

Jazmyn & Boomer

This is proof,

we wuv each other

furry much!!!

Thanks for the

nice kiss Boomer!

Jazmyn & Boomer

Jazmyn was born July 2 1994. Boomer was born Sept. 14 1993. We were both adopted from a Humane Society as youngsters!

Jazmyn & Boomer

There's lots of room on the bed, so sometimes we give each other space.

And other times we get a little closer.

Usually I, (Jaz) sneak in closer to kinda dig under Boomer.

You like that right Boom?!

Jazmyn & Boomer

Jazmyn & Boomer

Mom says its hard to get a photo of us both looking nicely at the camera.

So these are as good as it gets! :)

Hanging out on the

couch together is fun too!

Jazmyn & Boomer
Jazmyn & Boomer

We share the same water bowl. But obviously eat different food.

Boomer enjoys eating up high, it makes him feel important! Se we'll let him think that he is :)

Hey! Jaz, I'm right here, writing this page with you!! Geeze I get no respect :)

We enjoy playing together lots too. So be sure to return for some play photo's. Mom will be chasing us with that darn camera now to get some of those!

Jazmyn & Boomer Jazmyn & Boomer

We're a little sleepy now, so off we go to catch some zee's. See ya later. Barks from Jazmyn the Pretty Shih Tzu and Purrs from Boomer the Crazy Cat.

*Update* Boomer passed away on October 25, 2000. Click to see his memorial page. In memory of a very special cat we are leaving his webpages the way they are so others can see what a fabulous kitty he really was.
*Update* Jazmyn passed away on October 25th, 2010.  We were lucky to share 16 years with Jazmyn, she was such a part of our lives.

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Obviously Boomer will always hold a VERY special place in our hearts. We are now blessed with more kitties to share our life & love. Please visit Iris & Fern!! our 2 new kitties.

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