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he newest 2006 Fluffy Tails info. posted at the top.
Photos of our nature hikes, & critter encounters, will also be show cased here.

Dec. 25th Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from Jazmyn, Iris and Fern.
My Christmas presents - 4 Disney cats by Jim Shore.

Dec. 8th
A snow storm is the perfect time to decorate the tree!

NEW for 2006, another page starring Iris & Fern.
Plus our original famous page.

Dec. 8th
Let is snow!

1st snow storm of the season.
An official SNOW DAY - yay!

Snow was way over Jazmyn's head!
Mark had to make a path for her
bright & early, so she could get
out & do her morning business.
Nov. 13th - 21st

Our fantastic trip to Walt Disney World Florida. Our first time! Mark turned 40 while we were there. Mickey (and everyone) helped him celebrate!

We stayed on property at Pop Century. Also enjoyed Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island - especially Adventure's Club.

All the shows were amazing, loved Nemo the Musical (AK) and Fantasmic (MGM).

I'll create a trip report with more photos soon!
Hey we took 2555 digital photos - someone might as well see a few more of them!  

Of course we did all 4 theme parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom & MGM.

My best buds Chip & Dale. Spectacular MK fireworks. MGM with tons of Christmas Lights.

Lots of wonderful animals at AK.  We survived Expedition Everest - the ride thru this mountain.

The Tigers at Animal Kingdom are gorgeous.

Mark doing Dive Quest at Epcot (must be a certified SCUBA diver).

Elton John!

Excellent show Elton!

What a fabulous concert. Our first time seeing Elton and we were SO impressed.

We were on the floor of the arena and had a great view!
Check out the back of his jacket. Its himself in a
crocodiles mouth!! - "Crocodile Rock"! So fun, I loved it.
He played all the favourites for 2 hours and 40 min.

Oct. 28th

Halloween Party Night

We go out with a group of
friends for Halloween.

Each couple is one of the Village People.

Mark & I are obviously
the Bikers! What fun.

Cheers to all the REAL
Bikers out there.

Oct. 22nd

Cold weather has arrived.

I make Jazzy a new coat,
yes to match me!
Sept. 18th

Happy 13th Anniversary
               to us!

We enjoy a nice afternoon in the park that we got our Wedding photos taken.
Jaz always loves a trip out too.
Have an awesome gourmet meal out in the evening.
The 3 of us at the park.  Fern helps display beautiful roses I receive from Mark.

The previous weekend we went horseback riding at a local ranch with friends. Fun, but sore!
August 4th long weekend
Annual Balloon Fest in our city as well as Rib Fest!

After we had dinner at Rib Fest - awesome! We walked the 10 min. to another park for the balloons. What perfect blue skies for them!
The T-rex was a big hit among young and old - well we won't call Mark old! :)

July 30 - August 3

More photos here

Camping at Killbear Provincial Park.
North of Parry Sound,

We hiked lots of trails.
Swam every day in a nice sandy beach just up from our site.

We  took a 3 hour boat cruise among the 30,000 islands of Georgian Bay. A very relaxing enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Jazmyn stayed at her Grandparents farm. The kitties had a sitter stay in our home over night for the 4 nights to look after them.

A wonderful location, lots of rock, surrounded by Georgian Bay, amazing sunsets.

Saw lots of animals too, quite a few deer, a fox, fed chipmunks from our hands, a snake, lots
of birds, heard a black bear breathing very heavy at 3 am by our tent looking for food!

More great animals and nature photos, click here
July 12th

VERY exciting news, we have a special backyard guest - a CHIPMUNK.
Our first ever! We've lived here 12 years and have never had one in our yard.

Beyond cute! Iris & Fern love watching him, because he scurries so fast.
Hanging out with some doves.     It loves searching for peanuts.    Then buries them.

                    He can fly!                           Checking out a stool and a lawn chair.

July 1st

Happy 139th Birthday Canada

July 2nd

Happy 12th Birthday

We enjoy a Canada Day party & fireworks.  Jazmyn has a super 12th Birthday.


The "Kitty TV" (bay window) has a full line up this season.

A baby bunny enjoys our yard! Even has fresh water.

Photos taken thru the window.
Cute bunny and a red male cardinal.        Chirp, chirp from a sparrow.

A squirrel comes to say hello!              Hey the squirrel was right! This peanut IS good!
May 20th. Drive-in. Canada's May long weekend. Known as the May two-four weekend, as Canadians consume cases of 24 beer! Didn't drink beer, but did enjoy lots of coolers at a firepit party Friday night!

This weekend is also always rainy & cold. This year didn't break the trend! We did enjoy triple feature night at the Drive- in Sat. Even though it started raining at 11:30 and didn't stop. Jazmyn of course loves the drive - in too!
Played poker for my Dads Birthday on Sunday.

Monday we relaxed and saw a movie in the theatre - too cold & wet for yard work!
May 14th. Jack-in-the Pulpit Found some Triliums on our hike. These are Ontario's Provincial flower.

ay 12th
Happy 5th Birthday
Iris & Fern!

Hard to believe the girls are 5 years old already! We love you "Pippers" (Iris), & Ferners! The girls are enjoying a new birthday toy.

The new cat bed however seems to only be good for a few sniffs. Neither have laid down
in it yet. Luckily we got it at Value Village for only $3.  Instead of $25 plus at the pet store! 

Maybe eventually they'll figure out its a comfy place to snooze.

April 17th  Bloodroot flower Easter Monday nature walk.  Geese join our picnic. Us on a tree with neat roots.

April 16th

Easter Sunday at Dads farm.

Jaz enjoying all the spring scents around the pond.

Emma celebrates her 8th Birthday.

She loves the squeaky sheep we gave her. She even HAD to bring it outside.

There are 3 kitties on the farm.  Lily looks like a lion!

Bella, to the right, is the cuddler.

No pic of the 3rd, Sophie was out mouse hunting.

April 14th

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Remember, Easter Lilies are TOXIC for cats  click to find out more.

March 16th

Learn the horrors and sign a petition
to stop the cruelty of the Canadian Seal Hunt.

Over 300,000 baby seals are clubbed to death! Some even
skinned alive! Your signature can help prove people don't want this, or agree with this barbaric torture!
March 5th

We haven't had much of a winter really this season. Not much snow in Dec. Jan. and most of Feb. Now in March, we have some snow! So we went out to take some winter photos.

Blue skies reflected in the water and made it look great. What ever the weather, Canadian geese can always be seen on our local river.  We saw 2 blue herons too, but they flew off - no pics. 
     Cool bark on this tree.

Feb. 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!

A special day to share your Love with
someone close to your heart.

Feb. 5th Fern and Iris received an awesome toy. The CATABUNGA! They adore it. Great for exercise too, as they'll chase it anywhere! It's a Plexiglas handle with latex tubing - that moves very snake like when you wiggle it. Get yours and other items at meowsville.com you'll help support spaying & neutering too!

Jan 10th

Check out our page of photos of us together here.

Some new photos added!

We sure love to snuggle nice and close together.

Jan 3rd

Excellent news! We received an email from Calista's Mom. Calista is Iris and Fern's birth mommy! The kitty we fostered, who had kittens here. When she went up for adoption at PetsMart, I had put a note in with her papers. Describing her personality and saying we'd love to get an email from who ever adopted her. Well we had never heard anything till now - 4 and a half years later!
I guess our note was misplaced and was recently stumbled across. We are just so thrilled to know Calista (they kept the name I gave her) is happy, healthy and in a loving home. Sharing it with another cat and 2 dogs. The reason we didn't keep her, was because she was always swatting at poor Jazmyn. Well I guess she's still the boss, chases their big lab!
They sent a photo of her sleeping in the stereo cabinet.  What a thrill to hear about her!

Jan. 1st 2006

Happy New Year!
All the best in 2006!
We had a fun night out, prime rib dinner & dancing into the New Year with our NoKidding (child free by choice) group. If you are looking for some new social activities and friends. There are groups worldwide - probably one in your city! If not, start one! Everyone in our group has cats! Finally, conversations about pets, not kids!

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