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Fluffy Tails activities from September 2002 (when this page was started) to December 31st 2002. Enjoy!

Dec.31st - Jan. 1st

Happy New Year!!

Hope 2003 is great for everyone!

                              & Mark

Shared the New Year festivities with Kim and Tony, our great friends. Cheers!

Carla & Mark

Kim & Carla

                              & Carla
Dec.29th 2002Jaz ball

Jaz has some fun with a soft ornament.

We take down the Christmas tree. Although 2 crazy cats have basically removed every ornament already!Just have to find all he ornaments scattered under sofas etc. Bad cats! But SO cute :) Luckily they slept thru us putting stuff away.

Dec. 25th - Christmas!3 girls on
                      christmas Merry Christmas! Our holidays were spent with Mark's family Christmas Eve. Going to church then a nice meal. About 11 pm we went to Kim's parents place for 2 hours for their annual festivities. Christmas morning we awoke to a fresh blanket of snow, insuring a pretty white Christmas. We went to Carla's parents about 1 pm and enjoyed more festive fun.

Our 3 girls in the photo, can you spot Iris IN the gift bag?!

Dec. 9th - morningCarla 33rd Birthday Carla celebrates her 33rd Birthday. Carla and Mark take the day off. Have eye appointments (how exciting eh!) Carla's getting older but still has 20/20 vision! We do some Christmas shopping in the afternoon and have Carla's parents over for dinner.

Mark's great gifts include tickets to "A Royal Christmas". A holiday extravaganza starring Sound of Music legends Julie Andrews, Christopher Plumber. And the beautiful voice of Charotte Church. The show is the day after my birthday!

Dec. 6th 11:00 amFern in tree

Iris in treeThe holiday season begins around our home. Fern and Iris are full of enthusiasm!

Thank goodness our Christmas tree is big and solid and can support their - "help"!

Please visit our holiday page for more Christmas excitement!

Dec. 1st 12:30 am

jaz snow

Jaz not to sure about this sudden change in weather! Checking out just how far she can go in this new fluffy white stuff.

jaz snow

Before its over her head!

jaz snow
Nov. 30th 1:00 pm

snow start

1st big snow fall of the season. Snowed all night. And by morning it was a beautiful winter wonderland.


View from the kitchen window, the next morning. View from our front door at night.

Nov. 24th 11:20 amsisal

sisalA piece of fleece is tied above the sisal rope. The rope is wrapped around our support beam in the recroom to act as a nail sharpening spot for the girls.

Iris has lot of fun playing with the fleece, but neither kitty has yet to figure out its supposed to be a scratching post! Its only been up for a week, so maybe they'll catch on someday.

Nov. 19th 10:42 am

Mark &

Mark turns 36! He took the day off work. We had a fun day. Starting by eating some of this mandarin chocolate swirl cheesecake for breakfast. (I made it the day before). Iris & Fern checking it out.
mark &

Mark opening gifts. JAZMYN ripping up tissue paper. IRIS in the gift bag. FERN beside bag, looking at Jaz.

girls &
Nov. 17th 7:34 pmwrapping sisal Here's Mark wrapping sisal rope around one of our support beams in the recroom. Sisal is used on cat scratching posts. We bought two 50 foot rolls at Wal-Mart. Its really cheap! And those cat scratching posts aren't! So we are hoping the girls will enjoy it. So far they haven't used it, but hopefully they'll figure it out :)
Nov. 15th 4:12 pmFern & Iris enjoy
                    condo 6 months after we found this kitty condo thing for the girls at a yard sale! They prove its still a very popular item. Its in our bedroom and they spend many an afternoon here. You would assume they'd rather stretch out on the bed? But no, this is where they want to be. Fern has to be on top, more room! :) Iris likes the top as well but if Fern's claimed it, Iris will sleep in the bottom level.
Oct. 25thboomer Boomer is fondly remembered. On this the two year Anniversary of his passing. Miss you still so much Boom!

With tears, we were looking thru Boomer's photo album in bed. When Iris & Fern jumped up to play with the ribbon on the album. Iris sat on the open page. The 2 of them were too cute. I know Boomer would have approved of Iris & Fern. Purrs to you Boomer!

Oct. 22ndFridge Iris & Fern discover the top of the fridge. They are a 1 year and 1/2 old and this is the FIRST time for this big adventure. Fern made the discovery by jumping on the wooden cart beside our fridge which she's been on lots before, but today she made the leap up to the top of the fridge. Of course Iris was fast to follow. Yes now they want to be up there all the time. The nice pewter frames have since been moved!
Oct. 5th - Oct. 18Cape Cod Carla & Mark go on vacation for 2 weeks. Carla's old roommate Mary, marries Joe in Holyoke Massachusetts. Beautiful Wedding! Then we drove to Cape Cod. Enjoyed the beaches, seafood, shopping, and this gorgeous sunset. For more about our Cape adventure, go here. Carla's Aunt Anita stays to kitty sit & look after the house. While Jaz spends the 2 weeks at grandma & grandpa's farm (Carla's parents). Fern scratched up Iris a bit, too frustrated we were gone? We bring Iris to the vets when we return. She goes on antibiotics for a week to insure no infection. Takes her pills SO well.
Sept. 29th 4:30 pmJazmyn drool A visit to the farm is a slobbery great time for Jazmyn. Look at that drool, hanging down. So gross. Is she part St. Bernard?

Fun time had by all. Jaz gets to play with their shih tzu's, Emma & Phoebe, their black lab Brittany & the kitties.

Sept. 21st 12:30 pmDoowi the Koala Carla & Mark go on a bus trip to the Toronto Zoo (thru Mark's work). Take lots of photos of the animals. The favourite of course being the one Koala, named Doowi, on loan from the San Diego Zoo. More about Koala's & more photos of Doowi on Carla's Koala page .
Sept. 18th 3:22 pmLove birds! Carla & Mark celebrate their 9th Anniversary. We took the day off, slept in, Carla made crepes for brunch. We went to the big park where we got our Wedding photos taken. Jazmyn had loads of fun exploring the park. Lounged on a blanket (photo)by one of the ponds, had a drink. Took Jaz to Petsmart for some treats. Went out to dinner at the Thai House, very yummy!
Sept. 10th 4:40 pmLaundry Professional laundry sorters Iris & Fern settle in for what appears to be a long & exhausting job.

That 3 pound size difference can sure be seen from this angle. Fern you're an extra snuggy kitty!

Sept. 6th - Sept.?Iris in cat carrier Iris discovers the cat carrier isn't such a bad thing after all & proceeds to sleep in it, for what seems like 40 days & 40 nights!
Sept. 5th - 6:10 pm Much to Iris & Fern's disapproval they are put into the cat carrier & are on their way to the vets for their annual vaccinations & check up. They both cry for the entire 5 minute drive. Once inside the office they are quiet. Bulky Fern weighs in at 10 pounds. Little Iris is 7 pounds. Dr. Gary is pleased with their health & says what great girls they are :) AWE!!
Sept. 4th - 11:30 pm

Little Stinker!

Jaz goes outside to use the "facilities". Without much warning gets fullfrontaled by a fluffy tail of the STINKY kind! Yes an area skunk finally made a direct hit & scored! POOR Jaz. She never barked, cried or even shook. Her face was literally dripping with the fresh brew. Off to the bath tub it was to try & flush out her red sore eyes. Made a call to the emergency vet about what to do. The vet assured me it would not permanently affect her eyes. They had a product called "Skunk off" we could purchase to help with the smell & they would give us a saline solution for her eyes. She also told us to make sure Jaz had food & water as the taste was as bad as the smell. What a smart thing to remember, everyone put that info. in your brain! I brought Jaz her food, biscuits, soft treats, cheese & water. She ate & drank lots. The spray had coloured her fur yellow. We trimmed her face fur super short & applied the Skunk Off, which does help by the way. I slept with Jaz on the floor in the spare room for a few nights, didn't want that smell IN the mattress! Photo of the yellow spray mark.
Sept. 3rd - 7:00 amCat of the Day! Fern is Cat of the Day ! Yeah. Entered Fern into this fine website 8 months ago. Her day has finally come.

Iris was chosen as Cat of the Day April 1st.

So proud of our girls!

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