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This page is for the July to January 2005 Fluffy Tails info.
The fun Iris, Fern and Jazmyn got into.
Plus reports of our local nature hikes and our critter encounters!

Dec. 25th

Merry Christmas! We had a lovely Christmas. Spent Christmas Eve day with Mark's family. Christmas Day with Carla's family. Jazmyn, Iris and Fern had a wonderful time too.
More new pics on their Christmas page

Dec. 18th

Looks like it will be a white Christmas for us.

It is also very cold.

Iris knows the place to lay is above the
heat register.
Dec. 8th

Our 2005 Christmas decorating season has begun!
To see all the fun, and the webpage that's getting circulated worldwide!

Click here

Dec. 3rd

Fern loves watching the squirrels look for food. 1 in the bird feeder too.

These squirrels like the sunflower seeds and peanuts we put out for them.

Nov. 24th
Hope our American friends have a nice Thanksgiving.

Our first big snow fall of
the season.

 Jaz in her fashionable

 Iris watching the birdies
 filling up on food to
 help keep warm!

Nov. 11th

Remembrance Day

Thank you veterans

The symbolic Poppy Why us Canadians wear one
It takes Fern a few days, but she figures out the new pillow IS extra comfy. (Nothing to do with Remembrance Day - Fern's pics are just sharing this spot).

Nov. 5th

Found the perfect pillow for Jazmyn!
By Wynken, Blynken & Fido. Got it at Winners. $14.99!
The pillow, being a cat, I obviously love it. Plus the colours match our livingroom decor,
there is a black, gold & red area rug, just infront of this chaise lounge. Most importantly
Jaz approves too!! Iris had to see if it's a good fit for her as well - PURRfect!

So comfy!
Oct. 31st
Happy Halloween

Our GrOoVy get up for a Halloween party Sat. night. Brought this spider spinach bread
dip, which was a big hit, so thought I'd share it to inspire fun food ideas.

Oct. 29th
Another afternoon hike. The fall colours are stunning.

Oct. 23rd

Mark completes the courses and is now a

Recreational Open Water
Scuba Diver.

Oct. 22nd

Fern and Iris sharing some sisterly love?
 "Talk to the paw, Iris"

Don't worry folks Iris has no problems standing up for herself
and is often seen jumping on Fern when she least expects it.
They enjoy chasing and playing with each other regularly.

I always say get more then one cat when ever you can! Preferably at the same time so they appreciate each other.
October - Vet appointment time. Both girls had lost a pound. Which in Fern's case that's fine, she's now 10 pounds. But for the "Mini Pip"  Iris not so good, she's a slim 6.5 pounds.
The vet also detected a 2 out of 6 heart murmur in Iris. Well of course I instantly start crying. The vet took some blood, a T4 test was done for her thyroid. After a few days of upset, the results showed her thyroid is perfect! Ya hoo! Now we are just trying to get her fatter! She doesn't make it easy, as she won't eat any "people food", I've tried it all, yes even tuna & red salmon. We have very finicky kitties! We are working thru some canned cat food brands, many they sniff and walk away. One brand is appearing to be a hit, Merrick. We've only tried the Turducken & New England Boil flavours so far, but both cats actually eat their little plate clean - a FIRST! The ingredients read like a gourmet meal, & healthy too!
Oct. 15th

White - not albino, notice the black eyes.
We enjoy a trail known for its white squirrels. We saw 2! They were mostly
running thru the trees, so difficult to photograph - but this one was still just long enough.
The Autumn colours are superb.  What an amazing time of year. 

Oct. 10th
 Canadian Thanksgiving
We did our annual stop in at a place with pumpkins to get a photo of Jaz & I - both in our poncho's :)  Then to my Dads farm for turkey dinner with all the goodies.

Jaz on the farm, with the bush behind her. Dad's new kitty Bella. She just showed up at the farm this July and likes it so much, she is there to stay! She's getting spayed soon as she's almost 6 months.

Sept. 18th
Happy 12th Anniversary to us!

sunsets and views

scenic caves

Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood Ontario, view from gondola ride.

suspension bridge
We enjoy a fun filled weekend doing LOTS!  More photos click here!

Mark on the shale beach,    pond at the scenic caves,   relaxing at Blue Mountain Village
Sept. 5th Labour Day

Spent the afternoon at our fav. local park. Jaz sure enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells.  Sharing my sandwich was an added bonus :)

Jaz is too cute in her new pink poncho!

Sunday August 21st Can't get enough of the chipmunks! Had to return to the park to feed them again. They really enjoy sunflower seeds. 3 right by our feet - perhaps Alvin, Simon & Theodore?

Geese at the park enjoying the seed we brought. I believe the large goose is called the DewlapToulouse. The dewlap being the hanging skin under his neck. The other all white goose is an Embden.
Carla by a beaver chewed tree.

Sunday August 7th

I was missing my chipmunk pal from camping, so Mark said he knew where there were some, he was right!

Us by the river with geese sunning themselves.
A enjoyable afternoon at the park. We brought some bird seed with sunflower seeds
and lots of critters were happy with us like the chipmunks, squirrels, and peacocks.
The geese, ducks, and swans prefer greens, corn or bread.

Squirrel opening a sunflower seed. Ducks. A duck diving, what a pose, cracks me up 

This family of young swans was a lovely site. There were about 6 peacocks.
August 2nd

On the way to the beach, we spot a fox in the grass along the road! It was SO humid this guy looked like he needed some water bad.

It was a perfect beach day, the water was so calm and SO warm. We wish we lived at the beach! Least we are lucky enough to have this great spot near by.
July 30th
Summer Drive In night. It was a triple feature weekend. Its not on the sign but our 3rd movie was Batman. The first was Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, which was better then I was expecting, quite funny. 2nd film was Wedding Crashers, enjoyable. Jaz came with us like always.
July 29th
Hot air balloon festival. It was the first year for our city to get the T-Rex! He was great.

July 24th

This cute chipmunk loved our site, as we sprinkled seed around for him! He even let me pet his back!!!
Camping in Bancroft Ontario, at Silent Lake Provincial Park for 4 days. This area is referred to as the Mineral Capital of Canada. We go on our first official Rockhounding experience. Found some pretty rocks - more photos and info. on our trip here.

July 7th

Happy ending for this kitty!

These signs were posted all around our neighbourhood. Everytime I passed one, I  felt sad for the family, and worried deeply for this poor cat.  One night we drove in our driveway around 9:45 pm. Loud meows were coming from under our bushes.  I spoke softly and a kitty emerged. It was not one of the usual cats that visit our area. I immediately recognized this kitty as the "Lost Cat" ! Mark put him in the car, while I ran down the street to retrieve this sign to call the numbers. Both just had machines! Meanwhile Mark had brought out some dry cat food for the kitty - who ate it right from Mark's hand, he was starving! We drove to the address on the sign, just one street over. A young man answered the door, came out to our car, and SUCCESS, this was their missing cat! He had been gone for almost 2 weeks! He thanked us lots and said how happy his girlfriend would be when she got home. We were SO happy we saved this kitty's life!
If you are someone fortunate enough to have a pet returned, please have the common courtesy to: 1. Remove your lost pet signs. 2. Put up a few "pet found" signs in its place, to let folks in the area know the search is over. 3. Call the people who returned your pet to thank them and give an update. They'd really appreciate it.
Side note: I removed about 10 of their signs myself after weeks had past, since we found the cat. As it was obvious the owners weren't taking on this responsibility. I knew others seeing the signs would be worrying about the cat - hopefully. And the girlfriend who would be so happy when she got home, never did take a moment to call and thank us.  After a week I couldn't stand it anymore and called her! She was grateful on the phone and said they'd taken the cat to the vet as his toe pads were quite sore, but all would be well. She said thank-you and was genuinely appreciative. However it would have been nice if  SHE would have taken the initiative to call.
July 2nd Happy 11th Birthday

Jazmyn has a fun day playing and relaxing in her yard, plus presents, treats & lots of love
We go to the beach in the evening (1st photo of Mark taken at 8:30 pm). Then we settle in for the evening fireworks. As we suspected the high winds canceled them on Canada Day, but they were a go on Sat. night. So it was a good thing we waited a day.

July 1st Canada Day

We explore a town, Exeter, known for its white, (NOT albino - notice the dark eyes) squirrels! We spot one snacking on McDonalds fries from a garbage can! Then it hopped to the grass. It's our first white squirrel encounter, very exciting. The MacNaughton Morrison Trail is beautiful, nicely kept paths and pretty views of the river.

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