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Flower photos with Canon G6 digital camera

clover                                                     fuchsia                                                 sweet pea

June 11th
A heat wave arrives, we escape to our local beach.  Here we are, all posed infront of this cool drifted tree. Mark clicks the remote control for our camera, success, photo taken. I call it our "picture is worth a thousand words & bucks" photo! As right after this, a gust of wind knocks over our tripod & camera. Yes sand all in lens! But even worse the side of the lens is cracked, it is jammed, can't retract, essentially totally fried! Well I think our site shows just how CRAZY we are about our digital camera. We are truly devastated! So a new one MUST be purchased. We love the high end Canon's as they have a "flip out & twist" LCD screen. Once you use a camera with this, you'll NEVER go back to a flat monitor. Our camera was a Canon G3. We now own a G6, which uses the same battery & memory cards as our G3, very important as we'd already invested a lot of $$$ in those. Need to do research on ALL digital cameras? An excellent website is here. They are SO fun to have!!!!

June 8th A neighbourhood cat, (we call Bud) enjoys visiting our home.
She's a real sweet kitty.
Here's Iris watching Bud thru the windows. 
I brought an umbrella out to Bud when it was raining She was most appreciative.

May 28th
Found some cute goslings to photograph.

The geese are great parents and keep a careful watch over their babies.

May 14th Participated in our cities 11th Annual Walk for Memories - to raise money for Alzheimer's disease. There were several draw prizes at the end. We won a packaged litter box full of CAT goodies! Oh my, Iris and Fern are lucky girls! Fern is especially loving it all!

May 12th
Iris & FernHappy Birthday to US!
The girls fav. things are tissue paper, boxes (prefer over a "pet bed" as shown!) and catnip. Fresh catnip plants grow in our yard. They love eating the fresh leaves. Fern's on a nip buzz :) Iris and Fern will receive extra, extra, extra attention as well today, of course!!!!! 

Fern on Catnip

May 7thMark by
                  chewed tree Found a beaver! This one set up home on a pond the other side of our city. Mark by the chewed tree, many trees were down all over. The beaver himself (brown blur :) Their lodge of mud and twigs.  A fallen beaver chewed tree, inbehind the goose going for a stroll.

May 7thCarla by
                  blue wild flowers This bush area where the beaver was is quite beautiful, so here's a few more photos from that day. Pretty little blue flowers spanned across the forest floor. Some Yellow Marsh Marigold (Cowslip), were blooming in some shallow water.

May 1st

Nature photo shoot, about 5 min. drive from our home. This cute groundhog was foraging around. Plus Canadian Geese and a mallard duck. A lodge built by muskrats.

April 24th
Well the meteorologists were correct. They predicted snow and we definitely got some!

Just when Jaz thought spring was here to stay. She's not impressed.

April 17th
On a Sunday drive, we came across this huge snapping turtle crossing the road. It was spectacular looking! Check out the cool algae covered spiky tail.

April 16th Jaz goes into the vets for her annual heartworm test.

She'll take a Heartgard chewable pill every month, starting in May till October. So if an infected mosquito bites her she'll be protected. She also gets Advantage for fleas.

She is happy spring is definitely here and she can lay in the grass.

April 9th

Iris's favourite game - chase the bright light. Hold a cd into sunlight and wiggle it around, (you can see Mark's hand demonstrating). Sometimes this bonus effect, of a gorgeous rainbow will appear. After all, the name Iris does mean Goddess of the Rainbow!

March 25th

Easter Lilies are
TOXIC for cats  click to find out more.

March 20 We go on a "sugar bush" tour. Enjoying pancakes with fresh maple syrup - awesome! 

March 7

Spring is officially 2 weeks away.

Jazmyn sure hopes its on schedule, she wants to roll in the grass! Enough with snow, she says!

March 5 We enjoy winter day!
10 min. from our home.Canadian geese, cool tree with a brilliant blue sky, snow on the river.

March 2nd

Iris and Jazmyn having some snuggle time together.

They are sooooooo darn cute!

Feb. 27th

Fern enjoys a lazy Sunday lounging in our original "bean bag chair".

Awe sooooooo comfy!

Feb. 6th
Our local beach, but still about an hour from our city.

The ice and snow form awesome creations, some really look like rock. 

Feb. 2nd Iris and Fern spend a lot of time cuddling together during these cold temperatures.
Ontario Groundhog - Wiarton Willie predicted an early spring this year. Yay!

I'm not sure if it matters much to Iris and Fern, since they are indoor kitties. But I know Jazmyn will be thrilled to run on grass again soon.


We enjoy helping the critters thru the cold winter, by giving them lots of food. So far it hasn't been too bad here, but currently we are experiencing very cold temperatures. -20 Celsius (-4 F).  And lots of snow.

A squirrel filling up. A cardinal flying towards the feeder. Several little birds getting a meal. Photos taken thru our dining room bay window. One of Iris and Fern's favourite locations in the house.

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