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This page is for July 2003 to Dec. 2003. Enjoy!

Dec. 31st 2003
All the best to everyone in 2004.

Iris is getting lots of sleep so she's wide awake and fluffy tailed at midnight to celebrate! :)

This is her newest sleeping location. She enjoys one area for a month or so then moves on to a new spot.
Dec. 30st
 Ya hoo, Fern has finally figured out her new Christmas present.

After a few days of showing not much interest Fern takes her first drink from the fountain.

I hope she continues to enjoy it as much as Iris.
 Dec. 29th We moved the fountain from the floor to the counter to please Fern, who is obviously above drinking on the floor!?
Fern just isn't too sure about it, but she is finally checking out what Iris is doing with it. No one worry, Fern isn't dying of thirst, she is drinking from a glass in the sink beside the fountain!  She can also drink from Jaz's water dish at any time, it is on the floor however.

 Dec. 26th

As soon as we plugged in the Drinkwell Water Fountain, Iris approved!!! She was most curious and had fun playing in the water with her paw. The she enjoyed a nice drink.

Fern on the other hand showed no interest, hopefully she'll come around.
 Dec. 25th

 Merry Christmas! The photo to the left was at Carla's parents place. So the other Shih Tzu beside Mark is Phoebe.

Iris, Fern and Jazmyn had a fun morning unwrapping some goodies. Charlie Bear Doggie treats for Jaz (she won't play with toys?) Crinkle balls, feather toy and this drinking fountain for the kitties.

 Dec. 15th  

Our tree is finally up. The girls are thrilled. Iris prefers being IN the tree, while Fern is currently more comfy under it. For tree decorating 101 see our Christmas page. Helpful tips from Iris & Fern!
 Dec. 11th I decided to repaint the kitchen, dining area, cupboards, hall & ceiling. Not the thing to do before the holidays! Now I'm all behind on Christmas. Iris and Fern were big helpers of course. They sure love the ladder. This is the old look before I started the walls.  New look is guacamole green & robin egg blue, yes I like the retro look!
My Birthday was this week. Had dinner with friends the night before & had a great day shopping with Mark at Ikea ! Probably a good thing its 2 hours away!  Got lots of great things for the new kitchen. 
 Nov. 11th Iris and Fern were awarded this great honour.
in a Halloween Contest. You can see our costumes below. There were lots of entries, so this is a huge surprise!
 Nov. 11th
Remembrance Day
 Thank you to all the Veterans and peace keepers for our freedom!!

 Oct. 31st  Iris with our Halloween black cat collection. 

We had 44 trick or treaters, which is average for us.  Hope everyone was safe and had a good night.

 Oct. 20th

 The girls dressed for Halloween.  Jaz is Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.    
Iris is Alice, and Fern is the Cheshire Cat, both from Alice in Wonderland.

The cats WON a Halloween costume contest hosted by BFCC & CLAW. They are GRAND WINNERS!!
 Oct. 13th

 Happy Thanksgiving (fellow Canadians) and Columbus Day in the U.S. We had a nice dinner at my Dads with my Grandma.
We stopped at a country general store on the way to the farm and took some photos of the pumpkins. Jazmyn, looking sweet as always.
The weather was perfect on the weekend and holiday Monday. We got all our outdoor work completed. We are now ready for the snow now.  We've already had some on Oct. 2nd!  That was a shock, luckily it melted fast.
 Sept. 27th

Iris and Fern's annual check up with the vet!

Fern weighs 11.4 pounds. Iris weighs 7.5 pounds.

The vet says they have amazing personalities & wishes all his patients were as sweet as Iris & Fern!
We are SO proud :)

Iris appears calm IN the carrier. Fern, (laying on a bag as always), makes sure she's nice and clean for the big event.

Jaz's visit to the vets, isn't till the new year. However, she's the only one looking not too impressed.
Of course, when it was actually time to leave, getting them both in the carrier was a challenge. The 2 of them cried the whole car ride there, luckily its a short drive!  Once at the vets office they were quiet. Too scared I'm sure. They are perfectly healthy and doing awesome.  However the vet suggests Fern shouldn't get any heavier.  Its no fun being big boned eh Fern!
 Sept. 23rd

 Well Summer is officially over. Hello Autumn!

Here we have Iris is IN a box that had a teddy bear in it. Mark  "created" for me. He was able to record his voice on a chip & put it in the bears paw. So awesome! I love it!

Jaz & Fern helping model the bear.  Its a special "Fall Harvest Bear". A pretty orange colour.
 Sept. 18th

 Happy 10th Anniversary to us!

We took the day off. The weather was perfect! Took pics of ourselves at the church where we got married. Spent the afternoon at Rock Glen, a pretty Gorge with fossils,  from 350 million yrs. ago! We found one! Then off to Bellamere Winery. Amazing sweet fruit wines. Bought a bottle of cranberry wine,  & an apple caramel wine. Had dinner out. Going on a REAL trip this winter. To Costa Rica - sooooo excited!
This is St.

built in 1858. 
Other photo
is of Mark
& I on the
Had a picnic
& nice hike
Rock Glen water falls.
Took lots
of pics!
 Sept. 12th

 John Ritter passes away from heart complications Sept. 11 about 10 pm. As some of you are aware, I've had webpages about John Ritters MANY accomplishments, for about 6 years now. John himself had even emailed me regarding my site! He was a real gem in Hollywood. We all remember John for his comedic talents, his knack for physical comedy, which is still unmatched. John was also incredibly gifted in drama as well.  John's new hit series "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter" is a HUGE success. Recently children have been inspired by him as the voice of "Clifford the Big Red Dog". For more info. please refer to my website HERE. 
August 14th

 We survived the Black Out of 2003!

Our power was out for 8 hours.
Most of Ontario, Canada was effected along with several US States. Over 50 million people without power, quite the mess! Luckily we were safe and sound at home. 
August 1stIris swinging

Here's our Monkey Cat Iris, swinging from her kitty condo.

This is in the morning, when she's FULL of energy.

July 30thFern in bag Hey Fern, whatcha doing?
Fern In

Trying to get IN this little bag Iris.

Ahhh, Success!

You can't see me right?!

Fern in
July 26thdrive in

drive inAnnual summer Drive In night! Jaz always comes with us, she loves it.

Jaz & Carla infront of the screen. Then Mark & Jaz sitting in our double folding chairs. We saw Finding Nemo & Pirates of the Caribbean. Once the movie starts we move into the car. Drive Ins rule!

July 19thIris Hide in bag

Iris is ready for the beach!

Well she's IN the beach bag anyway.

Hope everyone is enjoying Summer!

We sure are

July 2nd




birthdayJazmyn & her Daddy Mark.

Jaz has a great doggie day of summer. A morning walk, lounging, eating, outside fun, etc. etc.

Happy Birthday sweet Jaz!

July 1st 2003sunset Happy CANADA DAY!

We enjoyed a fun lunch with friends. Later Mark & Carla went to the beach for a striking sunset & fireworks.

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