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This page of our Fluffy Tails info. is from June 2003 - going back to January 2003

June 15th


Happy Father's Day

We see the cottontail bunnies daily now, munching in our yard.

Jaz helps to display the bunny Father's Day gift.

June 13th


A paper bag, the best cat toy! To play with, sleep ON, or IN!

Fern in the bag

And coming thru the bottom.

May 15th

Click here, to check out Iris's adventure with cat grass!

Bringing the spring INDOORS with special cat grass & lilacs.

The cat grass I grew from seed, however it does NOT seem to interest the girls? The lilacs smell so nice, Fern approves.

May 12th

Happy 2nd Birthday

to Iris and Fern!

Happy 2nd Birthday
                      too usThe girls had a great day.

Yummy breakfast, cuddle time, catnip snack, snuggle time, play time, dinner, sleep, play, sleep, eat, play etc. etc.

May 11th

tulipAll 3 girls gave me Mother's Day cards, with help from Mark :)


Iris, & Fern with the purrfect cards for me, matching their purrsonalities! Sweet Ris & Queen Fern! :)

May 2ndFern Ball Fern ballFern loves this toy. We've found that a golf ball is the best to put in it. Fern lifts other smaller rubber balls out in seconds, where they join the secret society of balls under the couch! We are still VERY excited about that Oscat Win. Thanks to everyone for your congrats!
April 30thOscat Winners

Oscat Winner!Fluffy Tails has just won the internet cat communities most prestigious award, the Oscat! We even received this extra special silver award for over 1000 votes!

Only 4 awards are given per year, its done quarterly. We won the first award for 2003.

Thank you to all our friends and visitors who took the time to give Fluffy Tails a one time only vote. Special thanks to our biggest supporters, Spencer and the Girls -SuzAn, Anabell & the doggies too.

We are so excited and extremely PURROUD!

April 21stfarm Jaz, Mark & Carla visit Carla's parents at their farm over Easter weekend.

Jaz LOVES the farm, she gets to run & run! Plus play with 3 dogs & 5 cats! - Photo of Vivian & Sophie.

April 18thEaster

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on its way!

Happy Easter to everyone.

Did you know Easter Lilies are POISONESS for cats! See here for more info.

April 16th

Jazmyn Roll

Jaz loves rolling down a small slope in our yard in. She rolls from side to side till she's at the bottom, then starts again. Too cute.
Jaz had her heartworm test on Monday and received her flea control and Heart Gard for the next 6 months. The vet gave her this pretty orange bandana on her visit. Jaz however isn't to impressed with it. Jaz roll
April 14th

Koala Kitty Fern

The girls & my favourite almost life size koala statue!
My koala page has been updated with photos of my collection. Of course my koala kitty FERN was on hand to help. Doesn't she resemble one?!

Oh sorry Iris, of course you do too :)

Koala Iris
April 8thIris in box The Oscat contest ballots are in the box (just like Iris). Of course we hope, we are voted the top Banana!

Its going to be a bit longer till we find out who the Winner for January to March 31st 2003 is. But as soon as there is word from the Castle we will let you know.

Thanks to all our supporters!

April 7th

Fern balls

Its always a challenge to search for Fern's fav. crinkle balls. Out of the 30 plus she has, only a few can ever be found. Sometimes a larger "stash" is discovered, like behind those storage containers.
                              ball Then there are times when the ball gets lost ON Fern! Poor Fern can't find her ball thru all her fluff. Darn ball even gets stuck to her "trousers". Fern
April 6thapril snow
We did Spring ahead in time (daylight savings), but went back in weather! After 2 days of freezing rain, a dusting of snow has also arrived. Trees are still in U shapes from the weight of the heavy ice.

Jaz is wondering, where's the grass?!

April 4th- watching ice

ice watching

What's worse then snow in April? An ice storm !

Our yard. Broken branches, and trees with sad curves from all the ice rain.

April 1stris lounge IrisIt was no April Fools joke to awake to snow.

Iris has decided to stay warm by laying across the register (she would only stand ahead of it, on previous occasions). You can see the warm air blowing up her belly fur. Ahh contentment!

March 26thSquirrel



Iris is most intrigued. This squirrel is about 4 feet from her, on a stand in the lilac bush.

                          watching the Squirrel
March 2003 - War

In this time of seriousness in the world, our thoughts are with everyone involved.

Since this is a pet loving site, I'd like to pass along something that we never even thought of, but recently heard. With hundreds of thousands of troops and reserves called to war, there is a severe shortage of safe places where they can leave their pets. Many military bases have shelters, but, they cannot handle the massive amount of pets that are left behind. If you live close to a military base, and you have a little extra space, please contact the base and let them know that you can foster a pet or two. Please pass this message on to anyone who can help.
March 21stBack yard snow melt Happy 1st day of SPRING! This has been a very long winter for us. One of the coldest on record in years! So we are thrilled spring is finally here. And its starting to look like spring too. The snow is melting (creating a huge pond), but least its melting!

After 5 months Jaz is finally able to run & play on grass! She is a very happy girl.

March 17thSt. Patrick
St. Patrick May the luck of the Irish be with ya all! Iris has beautifil Irish green eyes & Fern's are like a pot of Gold!
March 13thregister Iris has mastered the concept of warming up over the register. She loves the warm air blowing up on her.

This is the bathroom register, its right above the furnace and thus has the strongest pressure. Iris, being a smart kitty, has figured this out. She's right there every morning when the furnace kicks in. And several times during the day. She doesn't sit completely on top of it. But prefers to sit so the warm heat goes on her face. She often washes her face at this time as well.

March 9thradio radioThere's a real pattern of "copy cats" around our place.

One always wants to be doing what the other is. But each took their turn to lay on our ghetto blaster. The girls seem to enjoy the rhythm under their butts :)

March 6thcats in boxes cats in boxesWhy does the larger cat choose the smaller box?

Apparently Fern doesn't see being squished into a tiny box as a problem!

Cats and boxes - contentment for hours.

March 4th

Pancake Day!

World wide tradition been around for hundreds of years. Woman wanted to use up dairy produce before Lent, the following day - Ash Wednesday. So lots of pancakes were made on Shrove Tuesday. Yummy pancakes, especially with Canadian Maple Syrup!
March 2ndbunny track Our wild back yard bunny guests are braving this cold winter. Here's a bunny track. We put out rabbit food for them, but they seem to like the bird seed even more. They live under our shed. We are proud to be providing a home for the local bunnies. Every spring they have babies. Of course they are scared of humans but we've seen quite a few babies and they are beyond cute.
Feb. 28th

Jaz rest

Jaz goes in for her teeth cleaning. They have to put dogs out for this, to properly clean their teeth. With this, there is always a risk, so it was a tense day waiting to hear she was okay! She is!!!!! However the poor sweetie had SIX teeth extracted. They were decaying. Bad teeth can cause infections and make pets very sick. So we are very happy Jaz had her teeth done. She was very sleepy when she came home. Here she is snoozing on her pillow under the computer desk. One of her favourite locations. Obviously her mouth is sore, but she even managed to eat a little. She's also on medication every 12 hours for a week.
Feb. 22ndsnow CardinalBecoming a routine to clear away the snow in the morning so the birds can eat. Here's a handsome red male cardinal. The birds sure need the food to stay warm in this -25 C. Photos taken thru our dining room bay window. Iris and Fern sure enjoy all the bird watching.
Feb. 14thValentine's Day Happy Valentine's Day. Carla & Mark had a nice dinner at a great cajun place the night before and a romantic night in on Valentine's Day.
Feb. 4thJazmyn's face Annual vet app. for Jaz. She shakes thru the whole experience, poor girl. Got her shots alright.

All looks well except a plaque build up on her teeth that needs to be removed. An appointment was set up for the end of February.

Feb. 2ndCuddle fest with Jaz
                    & Iris Cold temperatures outside (-25 C), but its cozy inside!

Especially with Jaz & Iris as lap/leg warmers. Little sweeties.

Jan. 20th

Plastic chewing

Iris's plastic chewing addiction continues. See photo additions to her page.

Iris was also a "bad kitty" when she knocked over a vase with fresh flowers in the wee hours of the morning. The crash, scattering of cats and Jaz barking, was all very startling. Of course there was water everywhere. Cats and fresh flowers do NOT go together well. Always make sure (as we do) that your flowers/plants are not poisoness for your pets. Link for toxic plants on our links page.

Jan. 7th We are receiving lots of new visitors to our site because of the OSCAT. So decided it was time to update my cat collection page. I went around our house with the digital camera and added LOTS! I have so many cat items, another page was also created! If you're interested in cat items check out page one & two. I have everything from a cat tea cozy to cat shapped bottles of wine in 6 different colours of glass!
Jan. 1st 2003 OSCAT campaigning begins! cuddle

Iris and Fern are so tired after their 1st day of campaigning. A nice bath and cuddle fest were well deserved :)

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