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This page is for Iris, Fern and Jazmyn and whatever fun they get into. Plus us.
This page is from Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2007 - the newest at the top.

Dec. 25th
Merry Christmas

Of course the girls had a great Christmas Day 2007.

Dec. 9th
Happy Birthday to Carla

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!   
Iris & Fern are
 at it again.

Tree decorators

Catch up on the
annual fun!

Our original page
 and new 2007 pics
 on page 2

Dec. 4th

December snow has arrived.
3 squirrels (1 in each feeder and 1 on the ground) munching on seeds & nuts.

Its Mark's Birthday!
We go to the Bon Jovi Concert! Maybe more of a present for me!

What a fabulous show! These guys were tops during our highschool years and are as good as ever  20+ years later!  What a thrill that they came to our small city!

Ritchie & Jon

Jon sings among the

Vegas - Flamingo Resort

In October we went to Las Vegas for the first time. What a fun place!!

I just posted some photos, info. and tips from our vacation.
Have a look here and also page 2 for Hoover Dam & Red Rock Canyon

We stayed at the Flamingo for 5 nights. Really liked the center of The Strip location. Renting a car for a day of sight seeing was real easy and recommended.  Enjoy!

Have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween from Jazmyn, Iris & Fern

August 31st

Iris & Fern enjoy the lazy days of summer. Lots of lounging and relaxing!

July 29th - August 1st
MacGregor Point
Provincial Park

We enjoy our time camping. Amazing weather, spent lots of time at the beach.  Gorgeous sunsets every night along Lake Huron.  More pics & info. see our 2007 Camping page.

July  Seagulls at the beach

July I get my hair done at a local festival. It feels great to have it off my face in the heat.  Perfect for the beach & hiking. Fern is interested in it too!

July 2nd

Happy 13th B-day Jazmyn

Jaz is a teenager! (& then some in dog years!)She got a lovely new collar with lots of "bling".  Also a new leash.  Monday was a holiday in Canada for Canada Day, so Jaz had a great b-day visit to her fav. park. Where she got to see cute baby ducks.

June 15th We tour an
Apiary - Honey bee farm

We sample a variety of honey.  Bought Summer Blossom, Buckwheat, Blueberry, and Apple honey spread. They have about 15 different flavours/spreads.  Surprising how unique they all taste! Honey is awesome!

They have a nice
assortment of friendly
animals and birds.
Goats, minature horses,
chickens, pot belly pig,
golden pheasant, &

June 13th

June holiday time. Trip to Toronto. Also a wonderful day spent at the beach. A night at the Drive-in with Jazmyn, with a fabulous sunset.

May 30th

Chipmunks are truly adorable! Their small size, cute tail, nice strips, sweet face - you can't resist!
Oh the excitement, the chipmunks are back in our yard!! Saw 2 at the same time, so for sure 2, hopefully babies as well! They were filling their cheeks with seeds & nuts. They had to share with the squirrels and birds. But they didn't seem to mind.

May 21st weekend


Victoria Day - Long weekend for Canada.

We enjoy a long weekend fire-pit party with
friends on Sat. night. Of course thru some rain.

It rains on this weekend every year!

Holiday Monday we enjoyed a nice hike.
Encountered lots of nature, like these deer, there were about 6 of them.
The golden orange bird is a Baltimore Oriole, very pretty.
Us on a little bridge.
Saw lots of tadpoles at various stages, some like the one in the photo were quite big, 3-4 in.

It's gosling time!

These Canadian geese are taking good care of their babies.

May 12th
Happy 6th Birthday to

The girls love their Birthday present. Its real cushiony and has a ball that hangs inside.

Iris even fell alseep in it, on her first day with it.

I got it at a yard sale for only $2.
You gotta love yard sales! 

Hope they continue to enjoy it!
April 9th Happy Easter!

Fern checking out Jazmyn's bunny ears. Iris wearing the ears, but not too pleased.

Our Easter weather was colder then Christmas, plus more snow! Jaz checking it out.
March - Pet Food Recall!

Luckily Jaz, Iris & Fern were NOT effected by the Menu Pet Food recall. Everyone with pets, is horrified at the number (about 100 brands) that were effected! It has made us research brands, and educate ourselves on ingredients. We have now switched to more natural / holistic products, Felidae for the cats & Canidae for Jazmyn.
Jaz was eating food the vet prescribed - Hill's Prescription t/d (dental). Which NOW I know more about ingredients, it is a very unhealthy food! But we never questioned it since our vet suggested it! It has the 3 main "no no's" of pet food (as does a lot of Science Diet & Hill's food). Please AVOID foods with:
1. "By-products",
“meat and/or bone meal,” “animal digest”. Inferior sources of protein.
2. Chemical preservatives, including BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate. Causes liver & kidney damage, allergic reactions, dental disease, and poor health. It is IN the food we've been feeding Jaz for 4 years! I'm so upset with the vet for selling us a horrible product!
3. Excess of carbohydrate “fillers", such as corn meal.  Wheat gluten - we now know the damage that has done!
March - Pet Food Recall continued.

Iris & Fern were eating Nutro Natural Choice - which is a fairly good dry food. But since Nutro canned products were part of the recall, I just don't trust it now!
Please do your own research, it's important to be aware of  the ingredients in our pets food.  We now avoid corn, wheat and soy in their dry & canned food. Jaz has been eating a variety of canned food. She loves Merrick, looks great. She likes Canidae, Innova and Wellness
Our cats are always picky with canned food, but they still like Merrick best.
What we look for:
A named protein source - like chicken, lamb, or beef, rather than just “meat.”
2. The term "chicken meal" is actually good.
CHICKEN MEAL VS. CHICKEN? chicken meat contains a certain amount of moisture in the flesh; however, chicken meal is a concentrated source of chicken protein because most of the water has been removed. Therefore, you get a greater “protein content” in 1 pound of chicken meal versus 1 pound of chicken.
3. Ingredients that are natural. No artificial preservatives.
March 19th - Jaz back from the vets. Iris letting her know she was missed for the day.

Jazmyn had her teeth cleaned at the vets. They were quite bad. She is 12.5 years old and had them cleaned for the first time 4 years ago. At that time they pulled 6 teeth. Today they pulled 8 teeth! Our poor girl! But now her mouth will be healthy!
The vet found a slight heart murmor and had us very concerned about her going under. But she did just great!
She wanted food when she got home. I mixed up some softened dry & canned and gave her it in small portions every few hours. She took her pills (antibiotics & pain) hidden in her food! So no struggles there.  Day After report - she is doing awesome! Eating, drinking, going outside, resting, all is super. Thank goodness. We love you Jaz!
March 17th

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ya hoo its on a Saturday this year, what a Party!!! We celebrated with our group of friends at an Irish Pub.

May the Luck of the Irish be with ya all.
Be happy, eat and drink a wee bit of Green Beer!
January 14th

This new bed has nice soft sides and all 3 girls LOVE it. Jaz enjoys digging  along the sides.
Fern usually claims it as HERS.  

Ready to Snuggle!

This robe from Walmart is so cute on Jaz!  And a new sweater. What a sweetie.

Jan. 1st Happy New Year !

Welcome 2007!

We enjoyed a nice night out, dinner and dancing with 6 other friends.

Our new year is off to a great start. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2007!

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