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This page is for Iris, Fern and Jazmyn and whatever fun they get into.
he newest 2008 Fluffy Tails info. posted at the top.
Photos of our nature hikes and critter encounters, will also be show cased here.

Dec. 25th Christmas Day

Jaz, Fern & Iris, lounging
on Christmas morning.

The kitties get new catnip toys, which you can see they love.   Jaz enjoys Lucky Dog
peanut butter & Saskatoon berry bisquits. She's too cute in her new festive collar.
Jaz & Iris both love the freeze dried chicken, called Pure Bites.

Dec. 1st

NEW 2008 Christmas Tree decorating photos with the
HELP of Iris & Fern.

Visit the girls comical Christmas pages here & new photos here.

Its tree time! Yay!    Here we have Iris singing.    Iris having a bath   and   Iris sleeping.
All  IN the Christmas tree.    Yes it takes quite awhile to get our tree up with this
much HELP.  

Of course Fern gets in the tree too!   Her speciality is looking pretty.

October 29th - Our first snow fall

Winter already - oh no! Jaz isn't impressed, and lifts her paw to keep it from the cold snow.
The good news, it should be gone by Halloween, they are calling for warmer temperatures.

October 17th
Season for pumpkins!

Jaz & I on our Canadian Thanksgiving. Fern and some Halloween kitties.


Eastern Canada vacation

We spend 2 weeks in Eastern Canada, exploring New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island,
Nova Scotia & Cape Breton Island. The scenery is gorgeous. We saw lots of critters too.
Moose, owl, bald eagles, herons, fox, deers, seals. We stayed at many different B&B's.
I will create webpages with nature photos and helpful touring info. for others to enjoy!

Jaz stayed at her Grandma & Grandpa's. The kitties had a great retired neighbour lady
check on them daily. We missed the girls tons, but all did well.
July 27th

We came across this snapping turtle on a local nature hike. Love the algea
on his back.   And some ducks in another area.

July 2nd

Happy 14th
Birthday Jazmyn !!!

We love you Jaz!
I've been looking for a stroller for Jaz for awhile. She loves her walks, but for longer
routes a stroller is perfect (she is very senior now). She still gets lots of fresh air. Of
course she can get out and stretch her legs whenever she wants. I found this perfect
one about 2 weeks ago at a yard sale for just $18. She really does seem to enjoy it.
She's been the talk of our neighbourhood!
"One spoiled pooch" is the usual comment.

June 11th
The ducks get their very
own pool, in our ya

Update - its July 11, and they are still coming every day. Might be a few different pairs?
It took them a couple days of walking around it.
So I made them a ramp, and they figured it out - swim time! Everyone IN the pool!
Then they stand on the side to refluff and dry off. Yes, happy ducks!
Bread is not good for ducks or geese! A little jingle to remember,

"Don't feed the birds old or fresh bread,
 feed them grains and greens instead"

May 17th
Baby ducks!  13 of them!

Such a wonderful sight - baby ducks in OUR yard! Okay we don't have a pool,
that is the neighbours. The ducks went under our fence and into their pool.  Too cute!

May 12th
Happy Birthday
 Iris & Fern

The girls turn 7 years old! Their present is this pretty new flower shape bed.
I'm happy to say they are both enjoying soaking up the afternoon sunshine in it.

April 4th below
and April 8th beside

Ducks started arriving because our yard has some mini ponds from the melting snow.
Iris loves watching the ducks outside the dining room bay window. We put out
seeds, grains and water for them every day, thus why they return daily!

March 29th
Join the WORLD in Earth Hour 2008. On Sat. March 29th from 8:00 pm. - 9:00 pm.
Turn your lights off for just 1 hour! Help support
the need for action on global
Photo from the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) website. Being a Canadian, we are
particularily concerned about the Polar Bears.  Global warming is melting the sea ice.
Meaning the bears must swim farther to reach solid piece of ice to rest on. While in
search of food, they are becoming exhausted, hungry and weak, thus many do not
survive.   Awareness leads to action - lets make a difference!


The winter that keep's hanging on.

A great reason to stay
cuddled with
Iris and Jazmyn.

March 17th
Happy St. Patrick's Day

May the Luck of the Irish

Be with ya All!

Wear lots of green and
have a fun day, we sure did!


Dec. 31st 2007
 Happy New Year - 2008!

We ring in 2008 with 7 friends at a local dance. Fun time had by all!

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