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This page is for Iris, Fern and Jazmyn and whatever fun they get into.
he newest 2009 Fluffy Tails info. posted at the top.
Photos of our nature hikes and critter encounters, will also be show cased here.

Dec. 31st
Happy New Year !!!

Us with Jaz (age 15) - then we celebrated the big evening at a local dance - had a blast!

Ringing in 2010 with our good friends

Dec. 29th

Jazmyn having a snooze on
Christmas Day, in her pretty dress. It was a busy morning!
We had a lovely Christmas here. Girls all got their favourites Christmas morning.
Afternoon at my Dads - of course we bring Jaz.

Dec. 23rd

Remember, its the mishaps that make the best stories
and create Christmas memories for years to come.

No one remembers how pretty the center piece was from 2002.
 But the year the dog pulled the turkey off  the table -
that's the year everyone's still talking about!

 May you have one of  THOSE  kinds of  Christmas's!
Dec. 22nd

Jaz's 1st Party Dress! 
Its looking a lot like Christmas!   The girls still enjoy getting IN the tree - more "decorating
tips"  here and #2 here.

Dec. 5th - Off to the Vet's
both girls in their carrier.

Iris has gained 2 pounds! Now weighs 10 lbs.  Fern gains 2 pounds too, weighing in at
13 lbs.  This higher protein  food  is packing it on the girls! Plus getting older & yes  doing more lounging then exercising.  They do find good places to lounge!

Dec. 3rd 2009
Iris - stop sleeping ON
the tree box!

Tis the season! Yes its Christmas tree time! Iris & Fern have fun, starting with the tree box.
Iris is making sure the tree looks good. Fern inspects things further, by getter deeper in the box. Check out the real tree trimming fun by the girls here and #2 here


70's couple for my cousins
Halloween Wedding. Oh
what a blast!

Iris loves me no matter
what my hair colour!

Jaz in her French Maid costume - hey every 15 year old girl wants to dress sexy
for Halloween.
Jaz is no exception! 

Saw a Blue Heron on our
way home from friends.
They are so big and
unique looking.
I think its a hawk on the
far left, maybe red tailed?
The highway had about 6
of them perched in trees.
Not together!


Thanksgiving weekend
Yummy turkey & pumpkin pie!

Our annual stop at a place with pumpkins on route to Dads for Thanksgiving dinner.
Yes Canadian Thanksgiving is in Oct.
Every year Jaz & I get photos taken here, after 15 years its become quite the tradition!

Sept 18th -  Happy
to us! 16 years - wow!

We enjoy a wonderful day at a local zoo. It is always a catch 22 at a zoo. Feel bad for
them in cages/pens. But being able to see them is so nice!

Sept 12th -  Carla's 40th
                    Birthday Party

cat cakes Kim made for me!
For something fun, I had everyone wear wigs. We started at 4pm, what a fabulous
time, we partied, ate, dance, drank, & sat around the fire, the weather was great, we
were outside all night! 

Mark & I with my University roommates & hubbies.   Shooter games.

My recent, (5 years) group of girlfriends.           My highschool girlfriends.
Sept.     KISS concert

Mark & I had a blast at the KISS concert. Gene still loves to have his trademark tongue hanging out. He's 60 now,  what a fun life!  Paul is awesome.   SUPER concert!

August 1st  Perfect Beach Day

Mark enjoying the beach in our new $5 tent.
It works great for our beach stuff & gives us some shade and protection from blowing sand.
We got in the water a couple times for awhile - till we were pruney! Got lots of walking
Had pizza at a local hot spot. A couple hours later, enjoyed some pina colada
soft serve - yum!  Left at 10 pm to get Jaz at Dads - a long awesome beach day!

July 1st    Canada Day
July 2nd  Jaz's Birthday
 Jazmyn's 15th Birthday July 2nd !!!
Her summer is off to a good start with a trip to the Drive - in.
Visits to Dads farm with their shih tzus. Enjoying our yard with me, her Mom!

May 27th -   Duck on a hot
                    shingle roof!

We call him our guard duck. He loves to sit on OUR roof.
And the pool is a big hit again this season - the ducks love hanging out in our yard.
It probably helps that we put out fresh seeds and drinking water daily.

May 12th - Happy 8th
                Birthday Girls!!

The girls enjoying fresh catnip leaves from our garden.
Looking pretty with the Lilacs in full bloom.    Iris hanging with our retro chair.

May 3rd - nature hike day

We visit an area pond. Luckily its not well
marked, so no one else was there to scare
the wildlife. We saw at least 5 snapping turtles!
1 smaller painted turtle, deer, geese and ducks, including the stunning drake Wood Duck.

Here's the turtles.

The beautifully marked Wood Duck, never saw one before!   And deer.

April 18th - Iris caught in
                  the act

For those who have read Iris's page, you'll know that she LOVES chewing &
eating plastic.  She has now figured out how to pull out the wicker basket/drawer,
climb in, and chew the bags.Yes a bad kitty, but extra points for being talented! 

April 10th

Nature hike day.  Photographed a groundhog, muskrat going into the water
and the gorgeous male cardinal.

April 2nd
Fluffy bed bugs!

Iris & Jaz love laying on the bed when its just made. And enjoy it even more when its not!

March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
Luck of the Irish be with ye all!

As always, Mark & I celebrate with our friends at a local bar. A great time!

Fern loves boxes! Plus the added bonus of  tissue paper, another Fern favourite!

January  2009

Its only January, but we are all tired of  the cold winter.
Best you can do is cuddle up with a warm blanket & furry friend. 

New Years Eve into 2009

Love dressing up for the big night. We went out with friends and had a
great time dancing away, ringing in the New Year.

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