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This page is for Iris, Fern and Jazmyn and whatever fun they get into.
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December  - Days Before
 Christmas Day

Iris with her stockings,
the paw one
has her
 name on it.

Its that time of year again! The girls are busy decorating the tree again!
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Fern, oblivious to the
amounts of snow. Oh the joys
of being an indoor only kitty,
so snug in a kitty bed!

Iris in our festively decorated
 diningroom bay window.
Watching the pretty snow.

Cat tail IN tree!
Fake pointsetta of course behind Fern!  They aren't good for kitties to eat.
Dec. 9th  -  Happy Birthday to 
                         ME !!!!!!

Brontosaurus's are prepared
for snow in Canada!
We go to Niagara Falls. Views from our balcony (room 2066) at Sheraton on the Falls.
They gave us lots of upgrades for my bday (+ being their slow season :) Enjoyed their
indoor waterpark. Love how the coloured lights shine on the falls at night. 

Super light displays.  Bird Kingdom Aviary was really nice & FREE on your Birthday (reg. $17) 

Dec. 6th  -  Its beginning to
        look a lot like Christmas!

We get hammered with snow. Almost 4 feet in just a couple days!
Yes, think we'll be set for a White Christmas! :)

November 20th - Miss
  you sweetie!

With a broken heart I have to report our adored Jazmyn
has passed away. It happened on Oct. 25th, but its been
too difficult to write.  She was our baby & we miss her
SO much.

 Memories of Jaz here  and her original page here

We know
we were so lucky to have her share our life
for 16 wonderful years. Jaz you were the best little girl! 
October 30th - Halloween
Party at our friends place

I am a Crazy Cat Lady,
Mark is one of my cats!

I put Cat Toys in my hair (wig) and made a necklace from cat toys. Sewed cats to my
nightgown. Fabric says I love cats! Sewed tabby fabric to Mark's black track pants & top.
He's also wearing a furry vest & ears & mask. Of course he has a fluffy tail!

Iris in on the fun!

October 10th 

Happy Thanksgiving (in Canada). My anual tradition of getting photos with Jazmyn at
a local country store, always decked out with fall goodies. Jaz is 16!

September 18 Our 17th

We go for a weekend away. Explored this really cool spot - the Cheltenham Badlands

July 5th

Port Frank beach on Lake Huron.   Water was so clear, calm & warm.
Perfect day at the beach!    This tree made for fun photos.

July 4th  Play weekend. Saw Evita & The Tempest,
starring Christopher Plummer - yes Sound of Music - love him! So talented.

Stratford, beautiful town, known for its Stratford Festival theatre and the swans, so pretty.

July 2nd     Happy 16th
                  Birthday Jazmyn

Jaz, you made it to Sweet 16! Yahoo, we love you.

Jazmyn's eye sight is very poor, her hearing as well.
But she can sure smell food, without any problems,
and loves to eat - mostly our food, but at her age, I figure she can eat whatever she wants!
She still sleeps thru most nights, so she must be comfy.
She had some bladder issues a few months ago, but now, she doesn't? We take each day as it comes and are grateful for all the time we can share with her.    
May 12th Happy 9th Birthday
 Iris & Fern

Oh how the years have flown by. You were SO little! You are the best kitties we could ever hope for. Love you SO much & everything you get into!

March 29th        Spring is
                      definitely here!

Aren't they awesome!

OUR ducks have returned! Year 3 for this lovely pair - how do they remember?
Of course the pool is ready, food in piles (shared with the squirrel) & a water dish - although they mostly drink in the pool. Feel SO lucky to have visiting ducks!

March 7th
My precious geriatric Shih Tzu.

Stroller time! Still some snow hanging on. But Jaz is warm all bundled up!
At 15 3/4 years old, going on a walk is difficult, when you are basically blind & deaf. So the stroller is a safe way.


Watching the Olympics from the comforts of  home.

Iris & Jazmyn both get  GOLD  for being the cuddliest bundles
of fur.

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