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This page is for Iris, Fern and Jazmyn and whatever fun they get into.
he newest 2011 Fluffy Tails info. posted at the top.
Photos of our nature hikes and critter encounters, will also be show cased here.

Nov. 26th 2011 - Its not Christmas til the Fluffy Tails show you! :)

Its THAT time of year! Let the tree festivities begin! 
Remember 2 pages of decorating instructions & fun here1 & here2
Oct. 25th 2011 - 1 year since Jaz passed & 10 for Boomer!

Miss you, our sweetheart Jaz,
SO much. Your adorable little face,
even when you were very elderly -
like this photo on the right, you
were still so precious! Know you &
Boomer are together again, young
and pain free. Until we see you
both again, big hugs!

Labour Day - where did summer go?

Yes Iris you blend in pretty good, but your sweet face always stands out!

Summer Backyard Critters
Raccoon crashing one
of our parties.

Groundhog "hiding" by our garden statue - hilarious! Then he's trying to escape thru
the fence into our neighbours yard.
And 2 bunnies looking cute,  we just need 50 more & we won't have to mow the lawn!

August 1st  - Civic Holiday
Our favourite beach, 1 hour from our house. Spent the day,  then went for dinner near by,
returned for the sunset.  Beach sunsets are the best and always different!

July 23rd - ELVIS Festival
                  in Collingwood

What a fun event! 

We just went for the Sat. but saw lots of  ETA's (Elvis Tribute Artist). The best is
Shawn Klush - look him up, see him in concert & let the drooling begin!  I LOVED Elvis
so seeing someone who looks SO much like him & sounds amazing is THRILLING! 

July 22nd - 25th, camping
at Craigleith Provincial Park

  Super cute baby raccoon!

Loved the critters on our site. Of course we bring treats! :) Which made a red squirrel VERY
happy! The chipmunk stashed enough peanuts & seeds away to last his family the winter! :)

Neat rock beach right by the campsites. And gorgeous Georgian Bay sunsets!

July - Beach Days, new
         Solar Shade Tent!
Its by Eureka, this is the large size & its fabulous!  Its 10 ft. wide,  5.9 ft. high & a full
body length & then some, deep!

July 10th -  hiking Webster
                  and Tews Falls

The wider one is Webster Falls. The taller one is Tews Falls. Neat stone bridge.

June 18th -  Raccoon snoozing high up.

Hiking at a place called Mt. Nemo.

Spring Backyard Guests!

These photos are thru the window, thus not clear - but hopefully you can see the 2 ducks,
bunny & grey squirrel? The last pic is the chipmunk in the feeder
& a black squirrel in the middle with the crow & male duck in the water.

May 12th - Happy 10th
        Birthday Iris & Fern

Wow our girls are
a decade
Love you sweeties!

Fern, says, "getting older is great, you can let your body go and concentrate on the
important stuff, like more sleep!"
Iris agrees and says, "as long as you do it with style, its all good!"

May 8th - back from the Caribbean! Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands   

The Baths - famous giant boulder beach.  Our stunning, private home we rented for a week.

Yes, I snuck in cat love where ever I could on the island :)  

VG is the perfect island escape, stunning scenery, great snorkeling (Tang in pic)

Beautiful sunsets, no crowds, beaches everywhere & each one is different!
Truly a wonderful beach vacation spot, we were amazed!
April 10th - Furminator!

We make the big Furminator purchase! And it is awesome! Iris LOVES it, thus we get
the most fur from her. Fern will take some time to warm up to it - but she has never enjoyed
being brushed? 
Iris can't believe that much fur came from her!

March 24th      

Ducks prints up to where we put out bird seed & then back to the mini frozen pond.
They want to know when this winter will end!?  So do I!

March - spring thaw

This is year # 4 for this pair of Mallard ducks to call our yard home,
(when they want to). However they seem a bit upset the water has frozen
over, no cold water dip here today.

February 2011 - cold winter!

Fern knows where the heat is!

All snuggled in a pet bed, by the

Warm air is blowing right on her,
smart girl!


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